Montreal Dental Veneers Process

How are veneers fixed to your mouth?

There are two distinct options veneers, the prep veneers and the non prep veneers or lumineers.

Prep veneers

For prep veneers, your dentists will remove a micro amount of enamel, from your natural tooth to be replaced with a veneer. An impression of your tooth will be made in the laboratory to create the permanent veneer.

Patients can choose the shade and tone of the veneer as well as the size and shape, to match the rest of your teeth. A temporary veneer may be placed until the permanent veneer is ready a few days after the impression is taken. This gives the patient a feel of what it is like to have a veneer attached to your tooth. Once it is ready, our dental specialist will evaluate how to place the veneer. We will inspect it, trim it, remove it and repeat the process until both you and the dental specialist are satisfied with it. Thereafter, we will bond the veneer to your tooth with permanent cement. The whole process is done over 2 visits, a few days apart.


Non prep veneers

For non prep veneers, the procedure is similar however, no enamel is removed during the treatment, as non prep veneers are thinner and the dentist can manipulate the veneer to completely cover your tooth giving the desired shape, size shade and color tone without the need to remove the enamel.

Ask your dentist which is right for your case during your consultation, to get an individualized answer as for some cases non prep veneers may not be as durable as prep veneers.

Veneers are long lasting and offer our patients the healthy and stunning smile you’ve always wanted. We guarantee dental veneers look as natural as your original teeth.

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