PRP for Face and Hair in Dubai

The vampire effect or the vampire facial as it is sometimes called is an effective anti aging technique. Aging can have negative effects on our skin and hair. The growth factor in the platelet rich plasma in our own blood carries the solution.

PRP for face or PRP for hair is at treatment that involves using this platelet tech plasma from a small sample of blood from our own bodies and re-injecting them into the face of hair. This can stimulate the collagen in your face and hair follicles in your hair to produce stronger and firmer skin and hair.

The results of PRP are known the world over with famous celebrities such as the Kardiashians swearing by it.

At our center, a specialist will extract a small sample of blood from you and separate the PRP in it in our lab. This will then be injected into your problem areas for younger looking skin and stronger hair growth without surgery.

PRP for Face and Hair FAQs

What is the secret of PRP for face or hair work?

The growth factor in your own blood is the special ingredient in this facial, hence the name ‘vampiric’ facial. Growth factor can serve different purposes depending on where it is injected. In the face, growth factor stimulates collagen producing the anti aging effect whereas in the hair, growth factors stimulates the hair follicles leaving stronger and thicker hair. Famous footballers have been known to use growth factor for muscle and joint repair as well.

What is the downtime or recovery time for this treatment?

Recovery from PRP is very short.

For hair PRP, you can go about your normal daily actives directly after treatment. We advise not to wash your hair the same of the treatment.

For face PRP, you may also return to normal daily activities the same day. Be aware that on the day of treatment and for some patients the next day as well, it may look like your skin is reddish like you have had a strong sunburn.

How many sessions are recommended?

Usually we recommend 4-6 sessions approximately 3 weeks apart for optimum results. Do note that each session builds on the last but your result will be visible after the first session alone. During your consultation our specialist will give you the exact number of sessions for your particular treatment and goals.

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