Spider Veins

Spider veins treatment and varicose vein laser treatment are used to minimize the visibility of veins and blood vessels that can be seen through the skin and have a raised, discolored or otherwise unwanted appearance. These veins are generally red, blue and purple and twist and turn along the area. Most often found in the face and legs, these veins are easily treated with lasers to minimize their appearance and disappear completely.

Spider veins treatment  Montreal International clinics, our spider veins laser treatment in Dubai are done using an FDA approved laser that essentially shoots laser pulses into the Spider veins treatment, without the need for any invasive or surgical treatment. Our laser technician will insert the parameters of the laser machine based on your skin type and size of vein to be treated. The laser then shoots pulses focused only on the vein area and causes it to atrophy and disappear. While the vein may reappear again in the future, most patients do not have a recurring issue and a second treatment can be done in the cases where the vein reappears. The Spider veins treatment is quick and the results are visible immediately in most cases with the vein disappearing directly after treatment.

Our Neuro Spinal Specialist

Dr Ashraf Shatla Montreal International Clinic Dubai

Dr. Ashraf Shatla

Dr. Ashraf Shatla had practiced as a Neurosurgeon since his graduation from Edinburgh University in 1990. He practiced his specialty as Consultant Brain & Spinal all over “Europe, Canada, USA and Middle East.

Dr.Shatla’s work has extended to a new era of functional neurosurgery using recent neuronavigation and stereotactic surgery, allowing the most accurate and precise techniques for brain and spine surgery and for recent minimal invasive spinal procedures for spinal pain, endoscopic discectomy for back and neck pain surgery.

Dr Shatla spread his expertise in Neuro – Spinal field in the Middle East Healthcare industry and recorded a genuine success in treating patients, adults and children with amazing results in 2011.

  • Back & Neck Pain Treatment
  • Discogel Injection
  • Nerve Root Spinal Block
  • Nerve Root Spinal Block
  • Spinal Fracture Fixation
  • Brain & Spinal Tumor Surgery
  • Radio Frequency Spinal Pain Treatment
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