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Before reading on, this page section is about PRP for back and other joints pain treatment, for information on PRP for face and hair beauty treatments please, click here…

PRP and stem cell injections are new technologies aiming to repair damaged tissues including,

  1. Repairing damaged weak spinal discs causing back and neck pain or sciatic pain by irritating the nerves.
  2. Repairing injured and damaged joints like knee, hip, shoulder and spinal joints.
  3. Osteoarthritis and arthritis pain.
  4. Repair of inflamed nerves.

PRP injections and stem cell injection treatments are both safe and administered to the joint under local anesthetic with no complications. The patients can then resume work the same day with no downtime and quite often with dramatic change in pain relief minutes after injecting.

Stem cell and PRP injections work by injecting growth factor which is taken from a small blood sample of the patient. The growth factor is prepared and activated in our lab and then injected above the damaged tissues. There is no foreign body added to the growth factor and so no side effects.

You can expect an immediate effect due to the strong anti-inflammatory effect of growth factor. The long term effects are progressive improvement of the damaged or injured area by the persistent preparing effect of the stem cells. Usually one dose is enough and sometimes in 50% of cases a second booster does may be needed 4 weeks later depending on patient outcome and response to treatment.

How can stem cells or PRP treatment help?

By using cells from your own body, stem cell and PRP treatments distinguish themselves from other treatments. These treatments are non invasive and use platelets from your own blood samples to heal you. The treatment begins with a consultation with our physicians. Along with a physical exam imaging diagnostics may be recommended. Once the case is diagnosed, and the stem cell or PRP treatment is deemed to be suitable we begin by collecting a small blood sample.
The platelets in the blood sample are then activated and centrifuged by our technicians. Once ready, the stem cells can be injected into the target area requiring the healing. The healing begins almost instantaneously and you can feel the pain relief begin over the area. Over the coming days and weeks it will continue to get better. Your physician may advise a course of 2-6 stem cell treatments depending on factors such as the area of treatment and the extent of damage.

Our Neuro Spinal Specialist
Dr Ashraf Shatla Montreal International Clinic Dubai

Dr. Ashraf Shatla

Dr. Ashraf Shatla had practiced as a Neurosurgeon since his graduation from Edinburgh University in 1990. He practiced his specialty as Consultant Brain & Spinal all over “Europe, Canada, USA and Middle East.

Dr.Shatla’s work has extended to a new era of functional neurosurgery using recent neuronavigation and stereotactic surgery, allowing the most accurate and precise techniques for brain and spine surgery and for recent minimal invasive spinal procedures for spinal pain, endoscopic discectomy for back and neck pain surgery.

Dr Shatla spread his expertise in Neuro – Spinal field in the Middle East Healthcare industry and recorded a genuine success in treating patients, adults and children with amazing results in 2011.

  • Back & Neck Pain Treatment
  • Discogel Injection
  • Nerve Root Spinal Block
  • Nerve Root Spinal Block
  • Spinal Fracture Fixation
  • Brain & Spinal Tumor Surgery
  • Radio Frequency Spinal Pain Treatment
Stem-cell Treatment FAQs

What areas are stem cell and PRP treatments most effective more?

Spinal facet joints as well as the main joints in the body like the knees, hips, shoulders and knees.

How does it treat these areas?

The treatment is two fold. On the one hand it provides pain relief for these areas by protecting the nerves. On the other hand the growth factor in the PRP and stem cell injections work to heal the joints, nerves or disc of the affected area.

How long does the treatment take?

After the initial consult. The treatment generally takes 60 minutes. During this time a local anesthetic will be administered, the blood sample will be collected and the injections will be given to the patient in the troubled area.

How long till the result?

The result can be felt immediately after the treatment with better pain tolerance and movement capacity. Over the next few weeks, the improvement will increase more and more. A booster injection may be prescribed by the doctor to be taken 4 weeks after for certain larger joints if the damage is severe.

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