Want Perfect Breasts? Meet The Experts For Chest Augmentation, Breast Enlargement and Breast Implants Dubai

Not all Hollywood’s female celebrities achieve that beautiful “cleavage-tastic” appearance on their own. Sometimes, what you see on the red carpet is the work of a an experienced plastic surgeon. Breast Implants, breast augmentations and breast reductions are all procedures with the goal to achieve best aesthetic result depending each patient’s case and needs.

At Montreal International Clinics, rest assured, we only used the most renowned and FDA and CE certified brands of breast implants for breast implant treatments. Our experienced plastic surgeon will explain to each patient the advantages and disadvantages of each type of implant for their case as per the results they are looking to achieve.

Our plastic surgeon is also renowned worldwide for his work with breast implants on a sedation and local anesthetic basis as an outpatient procedure with no need for the discomforts of General anesthesia. This means the patients can drive home 120-180 minutes after the surgery making it a much more convenient option.

Breast Implants Surgery Dubai

Breast Implants is one of the most sought after plastic surgery treatments worldwide. Our plastic surgeon has performed over 10,000 implants and is a specialist in a technique of breast surgery performed only under sedation, where general anesthesia is not required. This is a much more convenient approach, with perfect result, less downtime and a more safe and effective treatment overall. For many women, the perfect breasts are symmetrical firm and upright with a certain fullness to them. We are not all born with the perfect set of breasts however and this is why breast implants is such a sought after procedure. With breast implants surgery you can have the symmetry of your breast corrected to your ideal shape and size.

Our surgeon can also correct other issues like nipple direction and breast sag in this procedure. We use a wide variety of implants that are CE and FDA approved. During your consultation, your plastic surgeon will go over the best options for your case depending on the change required, size, and ideal feel for you.

Breast Lifts

As we age, or due to pregnancy or weight gain, the form of women’s breasts tend to change. They often lose their elasticity, firmness and youthful appearance and may start to ‘sag’. While this is a natural process, the relationship most women would prefer with their breasts is to remain youthful, firm and upright.

This is where a procedure known as the ‘breast lift’ or mastopexy comes in to achieve that result. A breast lift can also often be part of a larger ‘mommy makeover’ treatment. During your consultation at our center, our plastic surgeon will take you through your options and how you can combine a breast lift with other treatments like liposuction to get your desired makeover and roll back the years. Breast lifts with our specialist can also be performed under sedation only without the need for General anesthesia.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is a treatment for women who naturally have large breasts that are either too large for their frame or that get in the way of their daily activities. Women with very large breasts often suffer back pain from the excess weight of the breasts, and have a hard time exercising or finding the right bra. At our center are surgeon will walk you through the treatment and help you decide the ideal fit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Surgery Dubai

How much time do I have to take off work for breast implants surgery in Dubai?

Through our innovative technique of surgery under sedation, our patients are usually on their way back home within 120-180 minutes after the surgery. They can even resume work the next day considering they wear a special ‘bra’ and follow doctors orders.

Is the Breast Implant Surgery recovery painful?

With our technique in breast surgery, the recovery is as painless as possible. Some medications will be prescribed however it is considered to be only a mild pain during recovery.

What brands of Breast implants do we use?

We only use CE and or FDA approved implants. There are over 5 international brands to chose from and they are all available at our center. Your plastic surgeon will explain to you the pros and cons for each and help you chose the best implant for your particular desired outcome. Due to regulation we may not mention the implants by name but feel free to contact us to find out more.

Is the breast Implants surgery result permanent?

The breast implant surgery result is permanent unless another surgery is done to remove the implant. In the case of breast lift, the result may need to be repeated 7-10 years later as the skin does the natural process of sagging. Additional pregnancies or extreme weight fluctuations can speed up the process.

How long will it take for y Breast Implants to show the final result?

In most cases, it can take between 3-4 months to see the final result of your breast surgery.

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