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Veneers & Lumineers
Hollywood Smile Makeover

A veneers or Lumineers smile makeover is about transforming the appearance of your teeth. Also called the Hollywood Smile Veneers Treatment Dubai, veneers improve your smile by altering the specifics of a smile. In two short visits, the color, shape, protrusion and perceived width and length of teeth can all be altered. The result is an improved smile that dazzles and fits perfectly with the rest of your features.

At our state of the art center, an experienced dentist will examine your current smile. The dentist will consider and advise your makeover style. You will chose options of how the smile makeover will turn out. Some of the dentist’s previous work is available for viewing. If required, the dentist may recommend other treatments. Gum lightening, gum shaping or dental implants may be advised along with Hollywood smile veneers. Our goal is to ensure you love the dazzling final look and that it perfectly fits the shape of your face, smile and style.

Once the smile makeover is complete, we take a moment to see if you are interested in our warranty program. This is a five year maintenance program where the veneers are under warranty. All possibilities except physical trauma are covered. Certain conditions apply like a night-guard & bi-annual check ups and cleanings in office. Ask more about the warranty program at your next visit.

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Dental treatments dubai - Dental implants Denatla veneers


Dental treatments dubai - Dental implants Denatla veneers


Dental treatments dubai - Dental implants Denatla veneers


Dental treatments dubai - Dental implants Denatla veneers
Veneers FAQ

What are dental veneers?

Veneers are a dental treatment that beautifies your smile. A thin porcelain sheet is used in the smile transformation to alter the shape, size, color & brightness of your teeth.

Veneers can be used to: cover chips in your teeth, correct misaligned or crooked teeth, alter size and shape of teeth, or whiten the color and brightness of your teeth. The result effectively grants you a Hollywood smile makeover.

What are veneers made of?

We only use German quality Emax porcelain veneers for our smile makeovers. This is always the best option and the international standard for long lasting and aesthetically appealing smiles.

How long will it take to complete my Hollywood smile veneers makeover?

A Hollywood smile makeover will take only two visits to complete. On your first visit, you will get to know your dentist. The dentist will show you their previous work to help you transform your smile by choosing the best colour, shape and size of veneers. The transformation will compliment your natural facial features and gums. On your second visit the veneers will be ready for placement and your Hollywood smile makeover will be completed.

Are the results permanent? Do the teeth change color?

The veneers results is permanent and instantaneous. Emax porcelain veneers do not change color nor stain.

Is it painful?

It’s not a painful treatment and patients are fine with just small amounts of local anaesthetic.

Why should I chose Montreal International Clinics to do my veneers?

Our experience is second to none.. We have done thousands of cases over the years and have photos of some incredible transformations to show it. Montreal International Clinic is very happy with our success, our happy patients and our referrals.

We have done our best to offer the best quality while maintaining affordability.

Is it affordable?

We have priced our veneers in a way that we believe is affordable to most reasonable people, without compromising an inch on the service or materials we use. We believe that having a beautiful smile shouldn’t be out of your reach.

Veneers Treatments Guarantee?

Yes. Montreal Clinic offers a 5 year warranty on the veneers through a veneer maintenance program. The program requires bi-annual visits to our center for hygienic cleaning and follow up care. A night guard may also be requested by dentist if dentist notices wear and tear from teeth grinding at night. Any slip / breakage occurs during this time if you abide by maintenance program will be fixed at no cost.

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