Facelifts: Say Bye To Aging And Say Yes To Facelift Dubai

Facelifts are a treatment to bring back that light, youthful appearance that we lose as we age. It is natural that as we age, the skin on our face and necks starts to sag. More fat begins to deposit on these areas and the muscles start to loosen giving an older sagging appearance.

A facelift can be done to remove this additional fat, tighten the muscles and redraw the skin removing years of aging from our faces.

There are different types of Facelifts targeting different areas of the face:

Upper face lift
Lower Face lift
Nefertiti Face lift
Neck lift
Double chin lift

Facelift FAQs

What kind of anesthetic is used for this surgery?

Our specialists usually do this surgery under sedation in our center. Some patients may elect to be under complete General Anesthesia

Pain and Recovery?

The patient may return to work after ten to fourteen days. More strenuous activity may be resumed after two weeks or more. Bruising should begin to disappear after seven to ten days. Sun exposure must be limited for several months after surgery. The use of a sun block that provides both UVA and UVB (Utraviolet )protection is recommended.

How long till final result?


How long after the surgery will I see the final result?

Most face lifts can be expected to maintain optimum appearance for up to five to ten years.

Is the result permanent?

The result usually lasts up to 10 years before natural skin sagging may require a second facelift to correct.

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