Out of Town patients

If you are abroad and are interested in booking a consultation with a doctor in one of our departments for a particular treatment, please write us to let us know. We are able to give you a brief consultation online and answer any of your questions before you make your trip to Dubai so you have an idea of what to expect. Furthermore our team will be happy to assist you with your accommodation and can provide you with corporate rates that will make your medical tourism vacation in Dubai enjoyable, safe and cost efficient.

Step 1: Scheduling and Skype Consultations

Your first step would be to get in touch with us regarding your treatment and any questions you may have by phone or email. Our team will get back to you and ask you for images, videos or diagnostic imaging if necessary. We will then provide you our doctor or dentist’s opinion on your case and a treatment plan and estimate of cost of treatment and duration along with what to expect in terms of results.

Step 2: Fly-In for a Personal Consultation & Appt.

Once satisfied with step 1, you are now ready yo fly in for your in person appointment with your doctor. Our team will assist you with a convenient appointment date and time and will be able to advise you on our location and nearby hotels and can help you with booking our preferred corporate rates at hotels for the duration of your stay. Once you have arrived, your in person consult will confirm your initial online opinion and begin treatment.

Step 3 - Enjoying your medical tourism trip

Weather its after your treatment has been completed or while you await your lab work, we encourage you to explore beautiful city of Dubai with its many luxuries, sports and shopping opportunities. Medical tourism in Dubai is an opportunity to get a 5 star class treatment as well as visit a 5 star destination city. We recommend some of the hotels below to remain close to both our center on the infamous Jumeira Beach Road as well as some of the city’s main attractions including of the city including Dubai mall, La mer, Kite beach, The palm and more.

Suggested Hotels:

The Four Seasons hotel, The Jumeira Beach hotel, The Ramada Jumeira, Beach hotel Apartments and many more.

Nearby Restaurants:

La mer collection of restaurants, Nusret restaurant, Samad Al Iraqi restaurant, COYA dubai and a variety of fast food restaurants and cafes minutes away.

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