Percutaneous Radio Frequency

Percutaneous radio-frequency ablation is a new technology for the treatment of chronic back pain. Percutanous radio-frequency is used in such a way that no open surgery is required to cure the back pain. The radio-frequency waves go through the skin and generate heat in the cells irritating the nerves causing them to wither away.

Using the guidance of diagnostic imaging ultrasound or CT scan, the doctor puts a small probe through the skin, directly into the area. This probe then generates radio frequency which in turn generates heat waves that can eliminate the cells stressing the nerves and bring relief.

Before your RF Ablation:
This procedure will be done in the Day Surgery Unit of one of our partner hospitals under local anesthesia. You will be discharged the next morning. Here you will meet the rest of team that will be assisting your neurospinal surgeon perform the treatment.

After Your RF Ablation:
There are no serious post procedure side effects due to RF ablation. Any discomfort at the site of the ablation is short term and will be alleviated with prescribed painkillers.

What to expect:

Pain relief here is instantaneous. The stressor on the nerves will be removed.

Per-Cutaneous Radio Frequency FAQs
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