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In a masterpiece, how the features fit together is more important than the features themselves. We are all already blessed with a beautiful set of features that makes our own brand of beauty special. Sometimes one feature like a crooked nose, a humped nose or nose that is too wide is all that is required to alter the balance.

Our experienced plastic surgeon will consult with you and carefully take into account your facial features when helping you perfect the nose alteration required for your Rhinoplasty Treatment Dubai. Commonly known as the ‘nose job’ in urban, rhinoplasty is a very popular cosmetic procedure that can be performed under simple sedation or general anesthesia depending on the expertise of the surgeon, and the particular case itself. With experience in over 25 years of plastic surgery doing both sedation and GA cases, Dr Crescenzo D’Onofrio is an expert at this field and gives you options that are unavailable elsewhere.

Rhinoplasty procedures generally involve altering the size or shape of the tip of the nose, reducing or augmenting it, removing a hump, narrowing nostril width, changing the angle between the nose and the mouth, correcting a deviated septum among many others alterations.

Make sure to consult with your plastic surgeon to know how a Rhinoplasty Surgery will improve your particular look.

Rhinoplasty FAQ?

What is rhinoplasty?

A rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a nose job in modern times, is a surgical procedure that is implemented to change the structure, shape, length, angle or look of the nose. This can be for aesthetic purposes or to improve its passage function that had been reduced due to trauma or birth defects. Using our painless technique of rhinoplasty under sedation without the need for general anesthesia, more and more people are now choosing rhinoplasty in dubai.

What are the risks of rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai is a generally a very safe surgical procedure. The most common risks of the procedure are infection post-surgery which can be eliminated by taking care to follow the simple post operation instructions. You need to be confident of your treating plastic surgeon as Rhinoplasty has the highest rate of amendment in cosmetic surgery.

How can I prepare myself for rhinoplasty?

Prior to the procedure, your surgeon will go over the lifelike expectations of surgery. The surgeon will define what needs to be done and the most appropriate procedures to use in order to meet your expectations. As far as what you can do to prepare for your rhinoplasty, we highly recommend that you do not take any medications that may cause blood clotting or cause severe postoperative bleeding difficulties. If you are under such medication, your doctor will give you your options. We also recommend patients to stop or reduce smoking prior to the surgery.

What is the recovery time following rhinoplasty?

Your surgeon will require you to wear a nasal strap for the first week after your rhinoplasty surgery. Following surgery, you may have adequate swelling and bruising around your eyes and nose that could last up to two weeks. You should refrain from, strenuous activity and heavy lifting exercise for up to four weeks after your surgery; followed closely by your plastic surgeon

What can I expect after rhinoplasty surgery?

Outcomes from a rhinoplasty surgery can classically be seen after the swelling goes down and once your physician removes the nasal strap. The swelling is expected to completely recede in 2 months or less. Following the healing of the bruises, you should be able to see the nose looking more refined and contoured to your requirements.

What are the alternatives to rhinoplasty?

When it comes to alternatives to rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai, there are none. But if you are considering an option to improve your breathing you can try using nasal strips as a non-surgical option of correcting the problem.

Will I require having any post-procedure touch-ups?

Because rhinoplasty surgery is a common, yet complicated procedure and the nasal passage swells during the procedure, there is a chance you may need to have some post-surgery touch- ups. Globally, bout 15 percent of patients with rhinoplasty surgeries require touch-up procedures.

How can I protect my surgically re done nose from injury?

An ultra-light, skin-colored,aluminum splint protects your new nose until the stitches are removed by your surgeon. You will be guided on aftercare by your surgeon, following the removal of the splint and stitches. It is very important to follow your surgeon’s aftercare guide following the surgery to maintain a complex free recovery.

How long will the procedure take?

Rhinoplasty surgery takes between about two hours, depending on the patient’s requirements and complexity of the procedure. Once the surgery is complete, you will be monitored for an additional 2 to 3 hours following aftereffects of anesthesia and then discharged for recovery at home.

Am I old enough for Rhinoplasty surgery?

Rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai should not be performed on younger patients until their nasal passage and nose have both completed growing. The nose tends to be fully grown around the age of 14 for girls and a bit later for boys. We recommend an age above 16 years for the procedure following consent of a guardian below the age of 18.

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