Fractional Laser Skin Treatment: Age Is Just A Number Now As We Have Fractional Laser Dubai For You

We all love the beautiful and youthful skin. We as humans will age as time goes. As we grow old, layers of the skin get destroyed from the ash elements such as the sun, and environmental conditions including chemical products, and the water we use. Fractional Laser Treatments aims to rejuvenate the skin by shedding the outer layer of the skin that is damaged to bring up a new one underneath. This process can extend to taking care of deep scars on the surface of
the skin and wrinkles. They can all be shed off including skin pigmentation when multiple courses of Fractional Laser Treatments in Dubai are carried out.

How Fractional Laser Treatments Works

The Fractional Laser Treatment equipment works by going deep into the inner level of the skin and activating it while still making small pores in the outer layer. The process gives the signal to the body to peel the outer layer of the skin and replaces it with the younger and natural undamaged skin beneath.

Our Fractional Laser Treatment

At Montreal International Clinic we use only FDA approved technology for all our procedures. In addition to this, the process won’t result in any severe consequences on the skin such as scars, wrinkles or marks. Fractional Laser Treatments in Dubai is one of the trusted technique to giving your skin a rebirth and cut down on your age to look younger. We believe our doctors who are experienced to help you reach your desired goal of a gentle texture, beautiful tone, and fine lines without wrinkles.

To get started with our Fractional Laser Treatment, take a step to book an appointment ASAP. At this juncture, you have the freedom to have a good chat with the experts in the house on methods and expected results. This consultation period is very crucial to the rest of the process. It affords us to know your skin condition which will invariably determine the number of sessions required.

You are in good hands with the Best Fractional Laser Treatments in Dubai and should never worry.

For a smaller peeling with no downtime, please see our Glycolic Peel Treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fractional Laser Treatment

Who is Fractional Laser Treatment for ?

This treatment is for anyone who wants to rejuvenate their skin. It is also a treatment for the following indications: anti-aging, acne relief or post acne scars, pigmentation.

How many sessions will I need?

Before your treatment, a technician will note your skin type and decide on the parameters to use. If you have a specific problem area or scar, they’ll be able to estimate the number of sessions based on the depth of your scar that you will need.

How long does it take to peel the skin after the treatment?

Once the treatment is complete, the peeling usually starts on the 2nd or 3rd day and on average one week after the treatment, the peeling is completely finished and the nw layer of beautiful smooth skin has replaced the older one.

Is Fractional laser skin resurfacing painful?

A mild numbing cream can be used to dull any discomfort while the laser is being used.

Precautions before or after treatment?

Fractional laser is a safe procedure, however you should note that certain precautions need to be taken before a fractional laser treatment. If a person has gone tanning in the 10 days before treatment, they should reschedule their session. You should not go tanning up to 2 weeks after fractional laser treatment as well. During the following weeks, we advise a high 50 SPF sunscreen cream, especially in Dubai as excess sun exposure could result in pigmentation.

What is the recovery time after the treatment?

Once the treatment is complete, the peeling usually starts on the 2nd or 3rd day. Usually a week after the treatment, the peeling is completely finished and the new layer of beautiful smooth skin has replaced the older one but it varies from patient to patient.

How long should I schedule for the treatment itself?

The treatment itself takes 60 minutes. This includes 30 minutes of wait time for the numbing cream to take full effect.

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