For everyday youthful skin, Crave the Glycolic peel Treatment Advantage

The fact holds that every girl out there wants a flawless smooth-looking skin to remain attractive. The reality most time though, is that youths in their young age say in their 20s will start showing signs of aging like pigmentation and fine lines on their skin. Gladly, there are treatments today that can help. Glycolic Peel Treatment is one of the best treatment for plumping, hydrating and anti-aging your skin. Unlike moisturizers bought over-the-counter, Glycolic peel Treatment penetrates deep into multiple layers of the skin.

How Glycolic peel Treatment Works

No one age group is free from depreciating skin quality. A Glycolic acid peel works by weakening the bonds between cells on the top layer of the skin and effectively removes the top layer to reveal a new and tender skin beneath. Its benefits are much. Glycolic peel Treatment stimulates natural collagen creation. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and fine lines on the skin. In summary, it leaves the skin brighter, refreshed and refined.

For more extreme peeling for a stronger rejuvenation effect and deeper scars treatment that may require a downtime, you may see our fractional laser treatment

Glycolic peel Treatment Results & Recovery

The result can be dramatic as you start to see the effects show up immediately after thetreatment. Your skin brings out  radiance and becomes softer.

The good thing with Glycolic Peel Treatment is that there is no downtime, you can get back to your regular duties right after the treatment, and the results will be glaring. Some after- procedure measures such as avoiding contact with sunlight and engaging in exercises for a few hours after the treatment is presented below in the FAQ.

At our center, we carry out our treatment by observing best practices in the industry. We recommend six sessions for our customers with a two weeks interval between each. During your visit, the initial consultation, the specialist will take a look at your skin and offer you a personalized program that meets your needs. The examination will show whether to give anti-pigmentation, anti-aging, or whether environmentally damaged skin treatment is required.

You can be advised to go through a related treatment if the need arises and for better results. For extreme skin peeling for a firmer rejuvenation effect and treatments of deeper scars that may need going through a downtime, you can access our fractional laser treatment alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions About Glycolic Peels

What is a Glycolic peel?

A Glycolic peel is a great treatment for exfoliation. It is a painless beauty treatment that treats fine lines, pigmentation, wrinkles and light scars.

Why Go For Glycolic Peel Treatment ?

Over time, stress, exposure to the sun and environmental factors can result in signs of aging, needing for you to undergo peeling treatment.

When do I start to see a result?

You will notice your skin is softer immediately after the first session. The final result however takes longer.

Can Everyone Have Glycolic Peel Treatment ?

No, you should not undergo the treatment if you have underlying medical conditions, have cold sores, allergic to aspirin, had recently undergone chemotherapy and other radiation treatment, have wounds or are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Will I See a Lot of Peeling ?

No, the success of the Glycolic peel process is not by the amount of peeling that is physically seen but the actual result that comes through the process. The number of peels varies per individual.

What is my downtime after glycholic treatment?

There is no downtime and after the facial, you can resume work or daily activities with the exception of direct sunlight exposure like tanning the first 24 hours. Also avoid sweat and hot showers for that day.

How is a Glyocilc peel compare to other chemical peeling agents?

One of the best advantages of a glycolic peel is that it has a zero downtime. No recovery time is needed and you can go back to wearing medical make up directly after the treatment. Glycolic peels go deeper than other chemical agents which is why no skin fall in the outer layer of skin. The peel goes deeper and activates the inner skin to renew the surface skin without extreme downtime.

What result can you expect?

A softer and clearer skin from the first treatment which builds more and more till the final result after the 6th treatment.

What is the pain level?

It is painless.

How many sessions are needed for glycolic peel to show the maximum result?

Approximately 4-6 sessions are needed to see the final result. We recommend 2-4 weeks between sessions depending on the skin type and skin tone.

Glycolic peel Side Effects?

A Glycolic peel is not associated with severe side effects. However, you may experience redness, peeling, and dryness on the skin.

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