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As we all know, acute or chronic pain can be debilitating. Our nervous system is complex with an intricate network of nerves, joints and muscles. Neuro-spinal medicine has advanced in the modern century with enormous strides made in technology and knowledge allowing minimally invasive procedures with immediate results to improve the quality of the patients life.

Neurosurgeons today provide comprehensive surgical and non-surgical treatment to alleviate pain, regain motion, improve mobility, sleep better, cope with migraine and restore strength for patients to lead full, active and pain free lives.

Montreal International Clinic with its superb team of neurosurgeons is dedicated to providing a comfortable environment for our patients. Our expert surgeons offer the best care & treatment for Neuro Spinal Dubai to ensure patients are at ease whatever the condition.

Why choose Montreal International Clinic For Neuro Spinal ?

The Neuro Spinal Dubai Department Unit at Montreal International Clinic offers patients a wide range of services and advanced diagnosis for acute and chronic back, neck and joint pain as well the array of neurological conditions that cause them. We have the best neurosurgeons in the country who specialize in minimally invasive treatments. Our surgeons are highly experienced and qualified in the US and Europe and maintain the highest standard and skill in their professional work.

We understand various neuro disorders can affect a patient’s life, work and the lives of immediate family and relatives. This is not an easy medical condition to live with. Patients may suffer from constant pains and this burden falls on the members of the family. We address this condition comprehensively. And we direct patients and families to the local communities that provide free educational material and sessions as part of supportive groups.

Montreal International Clinic is the hospital of choice that offer extensive treatment and care for patients with neurological conditions.

  • Expert treatment for spinal conditions including discectomies and nerve block
  • Treatments for joint pain and injuries in areas like the hips, knees, shoulders and elbows.
  • Multinational team of surgeons
  • World class facility with growth factor and stem cell treatments.
  • Advanced technology and technique

Montreal International Clinic is dedicated to restoring function, relieving pain and implementing treatment for a wide range of spinal conditions. Our surgeons will create highly individualized treatment plans to ensure you get the best treatment either through surgical or non-surgical procedures. In the instance, one of our surgeons recommend an operative procedure, our surgeons at Montreal are world renowned and you can place 100% trust in us.

How can Neuro-Spinal Treatment help?

There are many treatment methods that can alleviate pain and uncomfortable symptoms caused by neuro spinal dubai conditions irritating your nerves and causing pain in different areas of the body. It may be advised to directly inject medication, growth factor or stem cells into the affected area. This will provide effective and efficient relief to the patient and help protect repair damaged tissues.

Your surgeon will discuss a treatment plan. Each procedure or treatment is tailor made to suit the particular patient. What works for one individual will not necessarily work in another. Your surgeon may recommend surgical treatment based on your condition. We treat children, teenagers and adults using the highest standard neurosurgical methods and intricate techniques, that make us a leader in the neuro-spinal industry.

Is Neuro-Spinal Treatment Right For You ?

If you have acute lasting back, neck pain or joint pain in the limbs it would be a relief to even consider being rid of it. Pain can become chronic over time, if not treated properly. If you are experiencing high levels of pain and other symptoms, you know it can completely disrupt your daily life. Your neurosurgeon may recommend surgical or minimally invasive treatment.

Depending on the severity of your condition, you can make this decision with your doctor. It may be something less serious like back pain, neck pain, migraine, joint pain or a more complex condition like the inability to walk, spinal fracture or trauma and numbness in your hands and legs through sciatica or scoliosis.

Neuro-Spinal Treatment at Montreal International clinic will help you regain mobility and function for you to get back to normal life. You will be treated in a safe and comfortable environment with patients being offered the highest level of proficiency during treatment.

Case Studies

Neuro Spinal treatments Review
Neuro Spinal treatments Review
Neuro Spinal treatments Review
Neuro Spinal treatments Review


I am extremely happy with the care and service provided by the Montreal International Clinic and the cleanliness in the Clinic is very well maintained.

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I am extremely happy with the care and service provided by the Montreal International Clinic and the cleanliness in the Clinic is very well maintained.

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Alex Jain

I am very happy about the services provided by the Clinic especially Dr. Ashraf Shatla. In my opinion, Montreal International Clinic , Dubai provides very good facilities. Thank you.

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