The Torment Of Your Disc Ends With Our Percutaneous Disc Injections & Surgery Techniques; Top Surgery Techniques

Pains around the neck and back are the common causes of disability in the west. The situation is nothing better in other parts of the world either. A herniated disc is very common these days with many people. However, with advancement in technology, disc problems resulting in back pains can now be treated using Percutaneous Disc Injections and top surgery techniques to deal with the situation effectively. A visit to our center can be a good time for us to see how best we can help your situation.

Role of Discs in your Body:

Discs separate and give support to the bones in the spine. They function as absorbers of shocks in the body. All discs have an outer layer of healthy tissues that surround a jelly-like core at the inner part. If the outer layer of your disc weakens. A portion of the inner part may push through the wall, causing you pains from herniation formed. Just behind the discs in their location are nerves that link to other parts of the body which invariably may become irritated or compressed by the herniated discs.

Percutaneous Disc Injections & Surgery Treatment Options

All along, open surgery where a large incision is required has been used to treat back pains caused by the sciatic nerves by taking out the intervertebral disc to provide relief on neighboring nerve roots and ensure decompression.

Patients needing decompression surgery are usually those suffering leg or back pains resulting from slipped discs or herniation. Today, Disc decompression techniques have improved tremendously such that only small incisions are required and even done through a microscope or other advanced technology during the process.

As time passes, more and more improvement has greeted the decompression treatment. The decompression technique is now performed using Percutaneous Disc Injections and top surgery technique with only needles as the major tool.

Percutaneous Discectomy:

our specialist will examine your condition to see how well the procedure will fit into your situation.

Percutaneous Discectomy is a less invasive method to alleviate pains that comes from bulging discs with no rupture in the outer layer. Over the years, more has been done by us to enhance the effectiveness of Percutaneous Discectomy, overcoming the limitations of the procedures in the earlier years. To date, the advanced form uses plasma technology to attract tissues from the center of the disc. It involves removing a portion of the gel in the disc via a needle to make the herniated disc subside and as well shrink. The procedure is an good alternative to traditional surgeries carried out on the spine.

How Percutaneous Disc Injections & Surgery is Done

Percutaneous Disc Injections are carried out with the aid of live fluoroscopic assistance for safety and accuracy of the injection.

The procedure are necessary steps that our specialist will take you through. They are as follows:

  •  You will lay on your stomach
  •  Antiseptic is used to clean your back
  • The specialist injects you with a local anesthetic to eliminate pain around the buttock area.
  • The needle is introduced into your disc, and a portion of the gel in the disc is removed via the syringe.
  • The needle is removed, and a sterile dressing is carried out on the area.

The obvious result is that the extracted tissues decompress the discs and reduce the pressure exerted on the disc by the adjacent nerve root. As pressure decreases, pains go away too.

Percutaneous Disc Injections & Surgery Recovery

Patients only suffer little tissue trauma. Recovery isn’t demanding with just a little pain at the end of the procedure. Patients should avoid lifting of objects and tedious exercises for a while. Patients can get back to non-physically demanding work after a week, while others with such work patterns need more time to recover fully.

Who Should Go for Percutaneous Discectomy ?

Percutaneous Discectomy is recommended for people having small contained herniation which can be treated with open surgery discectomy. It can also be an option for patients having large contained herniation without rupture which open surgery is not recommended for. Generally, it can help pains of the back and legs and pains caused by the central focal protrusion.

we offer safe and effective Percutaneous Disc Injections and top surgery techniques to help our customers. Our specialists are aware of the risks involved by handling every case differently from others. We reduce the risk of infection at the disc by first administering antibiotics. Our state-of-the-art equipment is designed to treat the most
challenging situations and as well the simplest of them.

Book a consultation with our Neuro Spinal Surgeon to learn more about disc gel and to see if you are a suitable candidate for the treatment.

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