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Dental implants remain the most effective, reliable and top solution for replacing missing teeth. They give a new and improved look to your dentition. Among other functions, dental implants secure crowns, bridges and dentures. You can have what you want in Dental Implants Dubai treatment if your dentition calls for a concern. Get your confidence back and let out the smile once again with simple Dental Implants Treatment on the affected area.

Have a feel of what our dental implants looks like from our before and after images of past results to get motivated.

A Perfect Bone Fuse

The Dental Implants Dubai will fuse with your jaw and you won’t feel anything different. It will carry a zirconium crown to complete the procedure. Whichever dental implants you seek, whether, endosteal or subperiosteal, you have it all covered in our Dental implants treatment to improve your facial appearance.

High Quality and FDA Approved Dental Implants Only

We owe it an obligation to stay within state regulations for the safety of our customers. That is why our dentists use FDA approved titanium implants to replace the root of a missing tooth. The strong, biocompatible and lightweight property of titanium makes it the best choice for our dental implants. Our implants are perfectly fixed and of the highest quality.

A Proper Examination Precedes A Good Implant Treatment

Our dentist will study an X-ray of you taken by us earlier before commencing with the treatment. This is a very important procedure for this operation. Adequate examination is important to come up with a fix that matches and perfectly fits the features of your dentition. You may be lucky and qualified to have both implants and crown fix at the same time in one same day!

Many patients will undergo an immediate loading of an implant and a crown all in a single visit. However, this may not be the case for other patients. A second visit a few weeks after the initial Implant to set the final crown may be required.

Our dentist should let you know which category of clients you fall into from the X-ray. These are normal examination procedures carried out in Dental Implants Dubai treatments and shouldn’t be seen as anything strange during your treatment.

Our Most Recent Case Studies

implants in dubai
dental implants in dubai
dental implants in dubai

…And over 4000+ success cases in the last 6 years.

Why Same Day Dental Implants with Montreal International Clinic Dubai?

At Montreal International Clinic, we specialize in not only providing high-quality Dental Implants but also FDA approved Same Day Dental Implants Within 24 Hours and at a reasonable price. Our specialist implantologists are highly experienced and licensed with the American board. With years of experience in the industry and having performed over 10,000+ dental implants for our clients, our dentist has complete knowledge of how to work with different types of gums and patient cases, both basic and severe to get the best dental implant smile result.

At Montreal International Clinic, time is precious and we make sure to make the best use of it.We are professional about what we have chosen to do and work to be the best at it. We aim to provide the finest service at a reasonable cost and at a significantly less period of time. We specialize in not only providing high-quality Dental Implants Dubai treatment but also FDA approved Same Day Dental Implants within 24-hours’ time frame.

Our specialist implantologists are highly qualified, experienced and licensed with the AmericanDental Association. We at Montreal International clinic are committed to uphold the standards.We will get your dental implants done exactly how you want it and will be happy with. Do you desire a Dental implant treatment that brings out your style and highlight your features? Trust us to let us help you get there!

Our expertise and results speak for us. With ample years of experience in the dental industry and having performed more than 10, 000 dental implants for our clients, our dentist has full knowledge of how to work with different types of gums and patient c+-+eases. We can handle
\ yours including the most severe and basic to give you the best dental implant smile result you’llbe glad doing.

Say Yes To Dental Implants of Montreal

Have you ever thought of filling up the place of your missing teeth? If you are still persistent about answering this question, then we are certain that until now you have not been introduced with the Dental Implants Dubai. Montreal International Clinic serves out to be the best and the perfect choice for all kinds of dental problems that one can have. Here we not only examine the oral problems but come out with the most specialized and technology-driven ideas and treatment to solve it to the core. Let us discuss all dental implants in details so it will be effortless for you to take further decisions.

Dental Implants Dubai is one of the safest treatments that will help you in ascertaining a perfect set of teeth alongside going through all safety concerns. It implicates you are in safe hands, and there will be no trouble that you are going to face during or after the treatment is over. You can come down to our website, where you will get to read the case studies that are twenty years old. The cases studies, reviews and patients feedbacks will help you in cutting







Why Should You Consider Dental Implants in Dubai?

A natural smile and perfect set of white teeth was previously only a dream for many with missing teeth. Missing teeth often push patients to hide their smiles in photos, giving them less confidence to express the smiles they deserve to show. For years, we were led to believe that pearly teeth after tooth loss, decay and gum disease were only affordable for Hollywood’s finest. Now Dental Implants Dubai have made this dream a reality with modern technology and advanced implants systems.

Feel free to leave your contact details above and/or call us directly to speak with one of our team to arrange your requirements and schedule your complimentary consultation with our dental implants specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants Dubai

What kind of dental implants do you use?

We only use American FDA approved dental implants. Their history speaks volumes and our success rate is the highest.

Is it possible to finish my entire dental implant treatment in one day?

Yes. Provided your bones do not require grafting and there is no infection, it is possible to load the implant and a temporary crown in one day. A final fitting a week later will place the permanent zirconium crown. In cases where the bone is weaker or less dense and needs time to heal. Then our dentist recommends that the implant first be placed with a temporary crown or bridge. You should follow up a few weeks later to replace the temporary crown with the final zirconium crown or bridge. You will know the timeline before starting the procedure after the doctor has examined your teeth with X-ray diagnosis.

Is it possible to do a full mouth dental implant in one go?

Yes. For patients with severe tooth loss, or where the current teeth are too infected, full mouth implants are a great solution. Full mouth implants are often called ‘all on four’ or ‘all on six’ as four or six implants are enough to carry the entire zirconium bridge units for the full jaw.

Is it painful? Do I need to take time off work?

Dental implants are a treatment generally done under a local anaesthetic. It is a minimal pain and minimal discomfort treatment and there is no need to take time off work. In some cases, patients may ask for a mild sedative during treatment and we are happy to oblige and can also prescribe a pain killer for the first day after surgery.

Why should I choose Montreal International Clinics for my dental implant treatment?

Our experience with dental implants is second to none. The dental team has been using American FDA approved dental implants for the better part of 3 decades since first working with them at the university of Loma Linda conference in California in 1990. We have cases from 20 years ago that are still doing their follow ups and sending their children for treatment. With us, your smile is in safe hands.

Guarantee of Dental implants in Dubai?

Once an implant is fused with the jawbone, it is fused for life. This is our guarantee. We do recommend a maintenance program that includes bi-annual visits to our centre for hygiene cleaning. Follow up to keep the guarantee going.

What is Dental Implants cost in Dubai ?

Dental implant dubai restoration can cost up to AED 20,000, depending on how many implants are needed and the complexity of the surgery.

How Much Time Will The Treatment of Dental Implant Take ?

The treatment of the dental implant that we carry out in our clinic will not take more than a day. Yes, this might surprise you. But you can simply head back to your home or to work within 24 hours. The dentist will begin with the examination the teeth, structure and other aspects and will fix the implants in no time.

Will Dental Implants Be Safe ?

Patients have doubts concerning the quality of the implants it might have negative repercussions and can create further problems too. We at Montreal totally comprehend with this fact, that the usage of any outer material into the mouth can be dangerous if it does not match with the quality. Thus, all Dental Implants Dubai are FDA tested and are of superior quality. We can assure you of the quality, and there will be no setbacks, recovery issues as such at any point in time.

Is Dental Implant Treatment Excruciating ?

We have the unsurpassed and knowledgeable dentists in our team who are recognised for their fantastic success ratio. Therefore, you will not go through any painful process while the treatment is going on. The treatment will involve only local anaesthesia which will result in no or minimal pain. There are many cases. Where a mild sedative is used, and better results are ascertained.

Pick Montreal International Clinic for Dental Implants ?

As discussed we have an appropriate team of dentists working. Along with this, our techniques, infrastructure, equipments everything associated with dental care is of an advanced category. We are working in this field helping people in solving their dental problems from the last three decades which have made us veteran and highly recommendable.

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