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A simpler more affordable option for a hollywood smile is the Snap-On Smile. It is an easy pain-free treatment that allows a patient with stained or misaligned teeth to get a confident “removable” hollywood smile that can be “snapped on” and “snapped off” whenever its ready to be used.

The Snap-On Smile can alter the size colors and shape of your teeth. While it is not permanent treatment and does not offer the kind of permanent result that veneers and Lumineers do, it does provide a quick fix until the patient is ready for a more permanent solution. It is also sometimes used to ‘test drive’ the hollywood smile look.

The procedure is quite simple, on your first visit our dentist will explain to you the benefits of snap on, take impressions of your teeth, and you can choose the color and shape you prefer. After which the order is sent to our lab and on your next visit your Snap-On Smile is sent back and ready for you to use.

Snap-On Smile dubai

Frequently Asked Questions About Snap-On Smile Dubai

Will Snap-On Smile affect my speech?

Snap on smiles are specifically designed to be comfortable and not to interfere or affect your speech.

How long will it last?

Does the Snap-On Smile procedure hurt?

Generally the procedure is painless as impressions are taken and then sent to the lab. In some cases where dental correction is also part of the treatment, there may be minimal discomfort.

How do I take care of it?

I have missing teeth. Will Snap-On Smile work for me?

Will my insurance cover Snap-On Smile?

Snap-On Smile is for cosmetic/esthetic application. Generally, cosmetic/aesthetic dental appliances are not covered by dental insurance. You may want to discuss your insurance policy with your dentist and insurance provider.

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