Gum Shaping and Lightening Treatment

The perfect smile everyone wants isn’t just about your teeth. Its also about your gums.


Often people forget that even the best kept and whitest teeth, will be missing something if the gums aren’t aligned or symmetrical or if they are too dark.


This is where the art of gum shaping and gum lightening treatment come in. To give you that healthy gum look to go with that perfectly white smile, our dentist at Montreal clinic has perfected the art of laser gum reshaping and lightening. The treatment can be done completely in under 30 minutes. The gums are designed to be symmetrical, they can be shortened and manipulated using a highly advanced FDA approved dental laser.

The same can be done for lightening the color of the gums to give that pinkish youthful appearance for all your photos when you smile wide.

What does the gum shaping treatment involve?

Gum shaping involves removing a small amount of gum tissue in order to expose more of the tooth structure. Our Dentist will typically recommend Gum Shaping for patients who have what is sometimes called a ‘Gummy Smile’, where an excess amount of Gum Tissue makes the teeth look unusual and oddly short. In most cases, excess gum tissue simply covers normally shaped teeth and the dentists at the Clinics in Dubai will remove the excess tissue to reveal a bright and beautiful Hollywood Smile in Dubai. Gum shaping is a good choice for patients who have an uneven or crooked gum line.

What does the gum lightening treatment involve?

Gum lightening is a procedure that removes excess pigments in the gums. Gum tissue that is dark brown or black rather than pink can make even the brightest smile absolutely unattractive. People with discolored gums try to hide their smile or avoid smiling in social situations to make sure their unattractive gums are not seen. Luckily, it is not necessary for you to hide that smile due to embarrassing gums.
Montreal International Clinics offers a gum lightening treatment that provides a long lasting solution, making the gums look naturally pink.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gum Shaping & Crown Lengthening

Are the gum shaping and gum lightening results permanent?

Gum shaping is a permanent treatment. The laser used is an FDA approved treatment for low reaching gums, ‘gummy smile’ and short looking teeth.

The gum lightening treatment, on the other hand is semi permanent. It can last for years before the gum goes back to its original color. This depends lifestyle factors such as oral hygiene, coffee and smoking habits.

Is gum shaping or gum lightening painful?

There is almost no pain at all with this treatment. A local anesthetic can be administered for sensitive patients. For some patients, we advise to stay away from very hot or very cold drinks for the first day after the treatment till sensitivity normalizes.

Duration of the gum treatment and precautions after?

A laser is used to shape and remove excess gum. The laser can also be used to lighten dark gums to a pinkish more attractive color. The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and the patient can resume normal daily activities afterwards.

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