Dental Crowns Dubai

At Montreal International Clinic, we combine comfort with quality care. A crown is usually placed over the tooth to cover it for reasons like, giving it shape, strength and in some cases, even improving its appearance. Have a look at some of the reasons we believe are the most important for application of crowns and bridges:

  • Crowns help protect a weak tooth; they hold it together from breaking and are a viable option for all ages.
  • They keep a dental bridge in place; by doing , they are holding your teeth together and ultimately your beautiful smile.
  • Crowns tend to cover up any teeth related mishaps; from discoloring to misshaped teeth, crowns guarantee to modify all your dental irregularities.

Dental Bridges are used to support the crowns; by allowing us to take charge of the dental bridge application on your teeth,  you’re essentially giving yourself the opportunity to:

  • Restore your smile
  • Gain back the advantage of speaking and chewing properly
  • Prevent more teeth from drifting off position
  • Maintain the distinct shape of your face
  • Realign the pressure of your bite while chewing your food
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