Ceramic Braces / Clear or White Braces

Due to the latest developments in Orthodontic technology, patients have more options when it comes to selecting the type of braces that suit their lifestyle and is cost effective. For patients who need braces, it becomes a big part of their life during the treatment process. Montreal International Clinics  would like you to be well informed about the Ceramic braces we offer in our office.

For individuals who do not want their braces to be very noticeable, clear or white braces is an aesthetic alternative. Ceramic dental braces are made of translucent material, which makes them visually less prominent to others around you. These braces are the most preferred type of braces and are popular with adult patients, due to their cosmetic appeal. Ceramic braces can move the teeth in exactly the same way as traditional metal braces. The only downside to ceramic braces is that the brackets are more fragile and the elastic ties can get discolored, between orthodontic visits.

Who is a good candidate for Ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces are a perfect opt for those who are concerned about the appearance of their smile.

However, the type of braces you get will depend on several factors, such as the need for extractions or dental surgery, the length of time you will need to wear the braces, and if you may need jaw surgery. Our Orthodontist at Montreal International Clinic will help you find out if you are a right candidate for ceramic braces.

What are the benefits of Ceramic braces?
  • Ceramic braces come in varying levels of transparency so that they can take on the natural color of the teeth
  • Ceramic braces do not stain easily, but the clear elastic wires or ties holding the brackets to your teeth stain, but these ties are changed every time an adjustment is made
  • Ceramic braces blend in with the color of the teeth and are cosmetically less noticeable than metal.
  • Clear ceramic braces are made of ceramic alloys
  • Ceramic braces are aesthetically and cosmetically appealing.
  • The brackets more closely match the color of the teeth, so they are less conspicuous and noticeable.

Wearing braces have  never been less noticeable, thanks to ceramic braces offered by the Montreal International Clinics in Dubai.

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