Decay Prevention Treatments

From the early years, days taking care of the teeth is of utmost importance to make way for better oral health in years to come. Basic steps taken can help to prevent major damages to the teeth and gums. While we are aware of the importance of good dental and oral hygiene to help decay prevention in Dubai and cavities we also understand the challenges faced especially by parents to maintain the teeth of their children.

Many tips can be recommended for decay prevention treatment in UAE. Our team of dentist in Dubai encourages caring for your teeth in the best possible manner. The basic requirement is to brush your teeth after eating and drinking, at least twice a day, and if not possible after every meal. You are recommended to rinse your mouth after eating if it’s not possible to brush at that time.

Dentists in UAE join Dental experts around the world who might also recommend a mouth rinse with fluoride if he or she feels that they are at risk of developing cavities. Timely dental checkups are compulsory to prevent and treat issues at an early stage. A professional teeth cleaning during your regular visits will also work a great deal towards preventing dental issues. Though not recommended in many countries, some dentists around the world recommend drinking tap water sparingly to get the added benefit of fluoride which is not available in bottled water.

Frequent snacking and drinking beverages other than water is frowned upon by many dental professionals. Unhealthy snacking and sweet drinks can increase the build of bacteria and could lead to the build up of acid that can slowly destroy the enamel of the teeth. If you cannot avoid snacking it is recommended to eat healthy foods which are better for the teeth. Candies, cookies, chips are more likely to get stuck in your teeth and unless you brush immediately after eating it can damage your teeth. Healthy food on the other hand, like vegetables and fresh fruit will help to increase saliva to keep your teeth clean.

The advancements in dentistry have made available fluoride treatments, antibacterial treatments and dental sealants as decay prevention treatments. They all provide added protection to your teeth to maintain the health of your teeth and gum for many years. Learn more from our expert team of dentists today!

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