Fluoride Therapy in Dubai

Fluoride Therapy in Dubai and Fluoride application is a common thing all around the world; especially dentists in UAE greatly recommend this treatment as a preventive measure. This is done by providing the teeth with fluoride systemically or topically. This is known to help prevent tooth decays, also known as dental caries,  which can lead to cavities. Common application of fluoride is done topically to all teeth using products like mouth rinses, varnishes, toothpaste, gels, dentifrices etc. Systemic fluoride application is usually through salt, drops, tablets, water etc.

The team at the Montreal clinic carries out topical applications to the teeth after studying the patient’s lifestyle carefully and analyzing how high a risk they have for caries. The application of fluoride topically has shown positive results than the systemic application of fluoride.

Fluoride therapy in Dubai through gels and foams are mainly used for patients who are studied as being at high risk for caries. This is commonly used for patients with less flow of saliva, orthodontic patients, patients who are undergoing neck and head radiation, and for children whose molars should ideally be sealed but not possible to do so for various reasons.

The gel is applied by using a mouth tray with the product. The patient needs to bite the tray in place for approximately four minutes. After application the patients are advised not to eat, drink, smoke or rinse the mouth for minimum 30 minutes.

Gels are also made available for home application and commonly used like one would use toothpaste. The amounts of fluoride in the gels made for home use are generally lower than in the professional products.

Fluoride varnish can be used instead of gels. It is easier to apply and has an un-offensive taste. The application of varnish takes less time as it can be applied within seconds with a brush.

Another unique method of application is through slow release devices. This device can be implanted safely on a surface of a tooth. It is done on the side of the molar and is not made visible. It doesn’t hinder eating or drinking. There are two different types used known as glass bead and copolymer membrane. They will effectively raise the fluoride concentrations in the mouth and help prevent cavities. But the main issue related to this method is that the devices tend to fall off often.

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