Dermatologist In Dubai

Dermatology in dubai

The Montreal International Clinic is known as Dubai’s premier dermatology and skin rejuvenation center. We have brought together a ‘dream team’ of exceptional staff and cosmetology equipment and products , providing an outstanding care with professionalism and full attention to patient comfort. Our technicians been trained at the most prestigious medical schools and are widely recognized as being among the best Dermatologist In Dubai.

We understand the desire of many of our patients to look fresh, youthful and rejuvenated without surgery. Montreal International Clinic offers a comprehensive array of treatments for people with a variety of skin and aging concerns. With the analysis of unique diagnostic tools that scientifically measure results for aesthetic improvement and skin quality treatments, our patients can clearly see dramatic results. Some of the services offered on our menu include Soft tissue fillers and facial injections, Laser therapy, Chemical peels, Microdermabrasion, Facials and Mesotherapy. Our team of recognized cosmetologists and beauty therapists and technicians ensure to deliver safety and best results for our patients when performing all the procedures.

All lasers and devices are not equal and they all perform various tasks and functions. We at Montreal International Clinic, are big believers in continuously evaluating new devices and treatment options, and incorporating these new treatments and technologies into our practice. Our well-appointed treatment rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art lasers and energy devices for treating laser hair removal, fractional laser skin peels, chemical peels, varicose vein removal, mesotherapy and glycolic peels and facials. All of these procedures are American Board of Laser qualified physician-directed and supervised so you can feel good about your decision to improve your appearance. We have the expertise, training and technology to design and deliver the best treatments for our patients.

At Montreal International Clinics, we are committed to providing the best available care and beauty treatments for our patients, and we have invested in the necessary resources to make this a reality.

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