About Montreal Neuro Spinal Treatment

The Neuro Spinal Unit at Montreal International Clinic specializes in multiple neurological treatment of spine disorders, offering diagnosis, surgery and rehabilitation. Our services included nervous system related disorders which begin in the spine, go up to the neck and to the lower back. These include nerve compression syndrome, recurring pain, spinal cord compression syndrome and herniated vertebral discs. Besides neck and back, treatments for joints like elbows, knees, hips and heels with stem cells are available. Patients are welcome to seek a first, second or third opinion before deciding upon any kind of treatment.

Our senior neurosurgeons will see patients and provide detailed diagnosis. If surgery is necessary, patients will be directed to the operating neurosurgeons.

We are a pioneer in neuro critical care and provide optimal treatment. We have a multidisciplinary team that consists of neurosurgeons, pain specialists, neurologists, physicians and rehabilitation therapists.

The purpose of our neuro spinal unit is to provide our patients diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation who are afflicted with spinal nerve disorders. Our center aims to diagnose patients and offer treatment evaluation depending on the condition. Patients may request consultation only or complete management.

Patients with routine spinal problems, complicated spinal disc syndromes, and even undiagnosed spinal neurological conditions will be evaluated. Additionally, we provide outpatient consultations and offer treatment evaluation plans upon patient requests.

With state of the art technology, highly trained staff and advanced methods our goal is to ensure every patient receives the best neuro spinal treatment and comprehensive care.

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