Get Back The Youthful You, Go For Plasma Treatment From The Experts

Aging and environmental damage are natural yet adverse effect that show up on our skin and can give distinct wrinkle lines, discoloration or a general tiered look to your face. With today’s modern advancements in the fields of beauty, it is now possible to keep the tender, smooth looking youthful look of your face much longer than previous generations could hope for. One non-invasive, and natural solution lies in the platelet-rich plasma in our blood. Using the Plasma for face technique or Plasma For Hair Treatment depending on your desired outcome can make reduce lines, rejuvenate skin and give a healthy glow to skin. Made famous as the ‘vampire facial’ by notable celebrities like Kim Kardashian and the Hollywood elite, Plasma face treatments have continued to gain popularity as a method to get back the freshness and youthfulness lost to aging, environmental factors and stress. Referred to by some as an anti-aging technology, the procedure has been useful to reduce scars, wrinkles, dark spots in the skin and sun damage among other age-induced conditions.

How Plasma Treatment Works

Plasma therapy for face is a treatment which takes advantage of the benefits of rich plasma in the blood to improve and add glowing, smooth and younger looking skin on the patient’s face. First, a small blood sample is collected from your body, usually from the arm. Since one’s own blood is used, there is not possibility of an allergic reaction like with other synthetic methods. Next up, the blood is centrifuged to separate the platelets from the blood. The doctor then applies local anesthesia to the surface of the face to nullify any pain or discomfort. Lastly, the platelets are injected into your face using specialized injection needles.

Plasma treatments stimulates the growth and rejuvenation of youthful skin in the patient’s face when injected into the body.

In many cases, Plasma injections are combined in a program with micro-needling mesotherapy. Mesotherapy adds vitamins to the skin that allows for the production of more collagen to enhance youthfulness. The combination can stimulate the collagen in your face to produce stronger and firmer skin.

What to Expect From Plasma Treatments

Though the results of Plasma are not immediate, in a matter of a few days, changes should be clearly visible.

Shortly after the procedure, the newly created collagen will start to improve the health of the cells underneath your skin. At this stage, patients begin to see improvement in skin color, texture, and quality. You’ll experience a fresher and youthful look in your skin. After your Plasma For Face Treatment, you should give yourself the rest of the day off to naturally heal the area as you may experience some mild redness, and swelling at the spot of the injection. However the next day, you can return to normal tasks.

Specifically, you will;

  • Have smoother looking skin owing to the formation of new collagen and rejuvenated skin
  • Glowing skin as a result of the Plasma and collagen.
  • A fresher and youthful appearance

Plasma facial can be combined with other facial or dermatological procedures to add more effect. You can choose to go with our fractional laser treatment in our center. This procedure is strongly linked as a good combination for Plasma facial treatment.

When you visit our center, a specialist will take a small blood sample from you and separate the Plasma in it in our lab. This will then be injected into your problem areas for younger looking skin or for stronger hair growth without surgery depending on the desired outcome.

Get Bold, Eliminate Baldness With Plasma For Hair Treatment

Hair loss is most often a concern for male and female young adults. Aging can be a common reason but quite often, hair loss is not associated from growing old. Environmental conditions are often responsible. Hair regeneration and skin regeneration procedures in Plasma for hair and plasma for face are ideal solutions where many young adults have found solace. Plasma for hair just like others of its kind is a three-way procedure by which a persons’s blood is drawn, centrifuged to separate the protein rich platelets and later re-injected into the affected area of the scalp or beard where hair growth is needed.

The non-surgical treatment is believed to stimulate natural hair growth, enhance its thickness and maintain the hair growth by increasing supply of blood to the hair follicle.

At Montreal International Clinic, we are well-equipped to help your regenerate your lost hair. Our expert dermatologist is on hand to discuss your expectations and recommend the right solution for your treatment.

No Foreign Body is Introduced into Your Body

The Plasma procedure whether for hair or face depends on the blood. The human blood is composed of the white blood cells, the red blood cells, the plasma, and platelets. Plasma is the fluid portion of the blood that carries nutrients and blood cells all around the body. The platelets are those tiny cells in your blood that rush to spots of injuries to form a clot and repair the area. Platelets are responsible for stimulating and enhance hair follicle functions.

The process is about taking your blood sample and transferring only the protein rich platelets in the plasma to another location after centrifuge. So, you don’t need fear infections or allergic reactions since your blood is the material used and not any other outside source.

At our center, our specialist will take you through a three-step process for your Plasma for hair treatment. On your consultation visit, our doctor will examine your medical records and your required results and find out whether the treatment is suitable for you.

The actual treatment process takes little time to complete. First, blood samples are drawn from your arm and sent into a centrifuge in our lab for processing. The centrifuge separates the fluids in the blood according to their densities. Within 20 minutes, your blood should be wholly divided into:

  • Red blood cells
  • Platelet-poor-plasma
  • Platelet-rich-plasma

The procedure makes use of only the platelet-rich-plasma in the third and final stage. It is drawn up into another syringe and injected into the scalp or beard area where hair growth is desired.

Eligibility for Plasma Treatment

Plasma for hair treatment may not be for everybody. Some conditions are required:

  • You should not have a very low-density hair or be completely bald.
  • You should alert your doctor if you are on blood thinners.
  • You are not into drug use
  • You are not suffering from any chronic medical condition such as liver disease, cancer, blood disorders, and platelet dysfunction.

It is important to disclose any medical issue in your first visit to our specialist. We at Montreal International Clinic take the safety of our customers as top priority and will advise as required to give you the best service. You can take advantage of our Plasma For Face Treatment as well or combine it with fractional laser treatment to bring out the youthful you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Plasma for Face and Hair Treatments

What is the secret of Plasma for face or hair work?

The growth factor in your own blood is the special ingredient in this facial, hence the name ‘vampiric’ facial. Growth factor can serve different purposes depending on where it is injected. In the face, growth factor stimulates collagen producing the anti aging effect whereas in the hair, growth factors stimulates the hair follicles leaving stronger and thicker hair. Famous footballers have been known to use growth factor for muscle and joint repair as well.

What is the downtime or recovery time for this treatment?

Recovery from Plasma treatment is very short.

For hair Plasma, you can go about your normal daily actives directly after treatment. We advise not to wash your hair the same of the treatment.

For face Plasma, you may also return to normal daily activities the same day. Be aware that on the day of treatment and for some patients the next day as well, it may look like your skin is reddish like you have had a strong sunburn.

How many sessions are recommended?

Usually we recommend 4-6 sessions approximately 3 weeks apart for optimum results. Do note that each session builds on the last but your result will be visible after the first session alone. During your consultation our specialist will give you the exact number of sessions for your particular treatment and goals.

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