A Million Dollar Smile With Veneers

Smile With Veneers

Enchanted by the dazzling smile of that actress in the latest sitcom being aired on television? Wished that you also had that kind of beautiful smile, which leaves men weak at the knees and women green with envy?

If you are bent on getting a perfect set of pearly whites like your favorite actress, it’s not that impossible a task anymore. How? You may ask. Veneers offer the ideal solution.

A veneer is a layer of material, usually porcelain, placed over a tooth, either to improve the tooth’s appearance (ex. if other whitening methods have failed to work, it can be rectified by placing veneers over teeth), make it stronger or protect its surface from damage.

Veneers can be custom-made as thin shells of tooth-colored material to cover the front surface of teeth. They can improve the overall appearance of teeth by changing their color, shape, size or length once bonded to the teeth.

Veneers can be used on one tooth or many teeth; in a multiple setting, they can close spaces between teeth, lengthen teeth that may have become shorter due to wear and tear as a result of ageing, fill the black triangles between teeth caused by gum recession, provide a uniform color and shape to all teeth across the mouth and give symmetry while making the teeth appear straight. The beauty of veneers is that very little or no preparation of the tooth is needed in most instances as veneers are very thin and held in place by a special, strong adhesive.

Although dental porcelain is the main material used to create veneers, resin composite is also used. A composite veneer may be directly placed or created inside the mouth, or fabricated by a dental technician in a lab and attached to the tooth later. However, a porcelain veneer can only be indirectly fabricated. There is another type of veneer, known as laminate veneer, which is a thin layer that covers only the surface of the tooth.

The application of veneers is a procedure that needs to be thoroughly discussed with a qualified and experienced dentist. There are many choices and different options and an in depth discussion with your dentist will allow you to decide which suits you best. Some of the best, the most experienced, qualified and professional dentists in the UAE are available at the Montreal International Clinic in Dubai, and they are ever ready to lend an ear to all your concerns and worries before launching on the path of treatment.

When trying to get veneers in Dubai, we have heard many stories of patients’ concerns being ignored. We can assure you that this won’t be the case at Montreal International Clinic. The patient’s opinion will be fully taken into account, and his/her mind laid at rest before carrying out the procedures which will end up in him/her leaving the clinic with teeth which are the exact color, shade or shape they had always wanted and flashing a million dollar smile as a bonus.