All Of The Reasons To Consider Veneers Today

Reasons To Consider Veneers Treatments

If you’re tired of trying out various options to deal with discolored, stained, chipped or crooked teeth, maybe it might be a good idea to consider veneers in Dubai. If you’ve had the procedure done before, then you’ll know what to expect but if not, you should first obtain a thorough understanding of it completely. Our dentists at Montreal International Clinic will ensure that you receive all the information and guidance you need every step of the way, so even if you’ve never heard of veneers before, by the end of your consultation you’ll be an expert on the topic! On that note, let’s dive into the subject, and take a closer look at veneers and what they’d mean for you.

Hides Stains

Hard-core coffee, tea and wine lovers will attest to the pesky stains that linger on their teeth for years on end with no signs of respite. Whilst bleaching and tooth-whitening do exist, they can only do much if the staining is particularly severe. In such cases, veneers may be the only suitable and plausible option. You no longer need to hide your smile or shy away from meeting people because you’re embarrassed about your smile.

Could Replace Braces

We say ‘could’ because braces are used for more than just misaligned teeth, which is how veneers can replace them in this scenario. But, braces are also use to help exert force on teeth to push them back, particularly in cases of over-bites. For such dental conditions, veneers will not suffice. Once again, your dentist will guide you accordingly, but if you can fix a simple matter of misalignment with veneers, we think that’s the better, more hassle-free choice.


Despite being quite thin and rather unassuming, veneers are capable of lasting for years; even up-to 20 years if taken care of properly. Mind you, following all aftercare instructions provided by your dentist in Dubai is essential if you want to maintain them for a long time. This ensures you needn’t have them re-done anytime soon. That said, we advise patients to opt for Porcelain veneers dubai, mainly because they’re stain-resistant and hardier than composite resin.