Beautify your smile with orthodontics

A Smile Makes a Person Look Beautiful

Perfect teeth make a smile more beautiful. Beautify your smile by perfecting your teeth, with the help of orthodontics in Dubai.

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics treatment helps to realign teeth which are crooked or abnormally arranged. It helps to improve the appearance of the teeth, the position and also the function of the teeth. Orthodontics helps to straighten the teeth and move the teeth to a better position thereby improving its appearance.

Teeth can be crooked due to different reasons. It can be a developmental problem with the teeth and jaw or it can be due to an accident which caused damage to the teeth or jaw. Whatever the reasons, you can now realign your teeth and enhance your smile and appearance with the help of orthodontics treatment in Dubai.

Our team of orthodontists is well qualified and experienced and has the advantage of using the latest state of the art equipment to provide the best treatment of Orthodontics in Dubai.

How does Orthodontics help?

Orthodontics helps you with almost all your issues related with the positioning of your teeth.

  • Teeth crowding
  • Protruding upper front teeth
  • Teeth that has come through the wrong way
  • Deep bites where the upper teeth cover the lower teeth more than it should.
  • Reverse bites where the upper teeth  bite inside the lower teeth
  • Open bites where the upper and the lower teeth do not meet even when the mouth is closed.

Treatment of Orthodontics in Dubai

The treatment plan depends on the problem with the teeth and jaw.
The orthodontist will take X- rays and photographs of the teeth and make plaster models to assess the state of the patient’s teeth and their development.  This will help the orthodontist decide on the treatment required and the type of appliances to be used.

The latest appliances in the profession are used in the treatment of Orthodontics in Dubai namely the Incognito Appliance and the STB braces.
The Incognito appliances are braces which are fixed in the inner sides of the teeth to be realigned. The best feature of this appliance is its size, as it is smaller than other appliances used and it is highly accurate. These braces are custom made to suit the patient’s need according to the prescribed treatment by the doctor. The appliance is made according to the specific treatment plan using the exact dental impression provided by the orthodontist.

Another popular treatment method of orthodontics in Dubai is the STB braces. This was the innovation of two famous orthodontists, Doctor Giuseppe Scuzzo and Doctor Kyoto Takemoto after whom these were named as STB braces.

This appliance is small and comfortable and is used for medium and small movements. The designing of this appliance is a simple process unlike the Incognito appliance.  The STB braces include Metallic braces, Ceramic braces, Lingual braces and Invisalign

These are the two latest types of appliances available in the profession and it is used in the treatment of Orthodontics in Dubai thus enabling the treatment to be successful and helping you to have beautiful teeth.