Benefits of liposuction

Liposuction And Health Benefits of liposuction

Benefits of liposuction -In order to achieve their aesthetic goals, you find people turning to liposuction every day. It is said liposuction offers both physical and mental benefits. It is a popular procedure in plastic surgery because of it being an effective and safe method of removing fat from your body. Additionally, patients can pair liposuction in Dubai with complimentary procedures including tummy tuck, facial plastic surgery and breast augmentation.

There are many Benefits of liposuction.

  • Effective removal of fat
  • Reduction of cellulite
  • Improvement in appearance of cellulite
  • Brings a change in your appearance
  • Boosts self esteem
  • Allowing for a more sculptured body

Liposuction is known to treat an array of issues including,

  • Benign fatty tumours
  • Post pregnancy body
  • The desire to eliminate fat in one’s neck, face and chin
  • Issues with fat metabolism
  • Reduce certain body parts
  • Get rid of belly beer
  • Have a sculpt like body but with realistic results

Medical technology has advanced in recent years making liposuction a safe procedure. Your leading plastic surgeon in Dubai will evaluate the benefits to help you make a decision on getting liposuction. Suction is used to eliminate the fat from your body during the liposuction procedure. A cannula which is small, thin and blunt is inserted into the skin. Tiny cuts are made for the fat to be suctioned as the doctor targets fat deposits in specific body parts. With the improvement in technology and techniques, liposuction has become a safer and less painful procedure. These are the latest techniques of liposuction.

Liposuction assisted with ultrasound – The fat is liquefied with ultrasound which allows removing it that much easier. Fat can be removed painlessly from the upper sides and back of the abdomen. This is a particularly helpful technique to remove fat in parts which are otherwise harder to get to.

Liposuction assisted with laser – The fat is liquefied with low energy waves. Thereafter, a small cannula is used to remove it.

Tumescent liposuction – Local anesthesia is used in this procedure. The specific area is numbed and the tube is inserted. The traditional liposuction is performed in this instance where the anesthetic solution is injected into fatty tissue.

This procedure falls under outpatient and it is not required you stay overnight in the hospital. In some instances local anesthesia is used. You may request for a sedative to help relax or sleep.

The main purpose of this procedure is to get to specific areas of the body where body weight couldn’t be reduced through diet and exercise. Some of these areas include the face, neck, buttocks, upper arms, back and abdomen. It is an effective procedure of removing fat in such body areas. Improvements in most instances are noticeable post surgery. And as the swelling dies down, you may notice gradual improvements in the next several weeks. However, the entirely of the procedure may be fully visible several months to a year after the surgery.