Best Laser Skin Treatment Clinic in Dubai

Best Laser Skin Treatment

If acne scars, wrinkles, blotches or lines align your face you may need laser skin treatment. Laser skin resurfacing will help your skin adorn a younger and healthier look. The procedure requires precision to remove layer by layer. During the healing process new skin is formed. This new skin is tighter and younger looking. This is a procedure which can be complimented with other cosmetic facial surgeries.

You will need to visit a dermatologist in Dubai to check if you are an ideal candidate for this procedure. Once you decide on the surgery you will be advised by the doctor to not take any medication for the next 10 days. If you are a smoke you will be requested to stop 2 weeks pre and post surgery. Antibiotic medication or antiviral medication may be prescribed by the doctor in order to prevent bacterial infection.

This is an outpatient procedure which does not require you stay in the hospital overnight. The dermatologists may treat the entire face or sections like the wrinkles around the eyes or mouth. A local anesthetic may be used to numb certain areas. In case the entire face is undergoing the procedure, you may go under general anesthesia.

The surgery to treat sections of the face may take up to 45 minutes. However, in the case of the entire face the procedure may take 2 hours. Post surgery, the treated areas will be bandaged and there will be slight swelling which is perfectly normal.

Patients can select between two types of lasers which are erbium and carbon dioxide. Each type of treatment lasers the damaged skin cells on the surface. The newest carbon dioxide version uses short, pulse light beams which remove layers of skin resulting only in minimal heat damage. The recovery period for carbon dioxide lasers is up to two weeks.
Erbium lasers on the other hand, remove wrinkles and deep lines on the neck, hands, face or chest. There’s a benefit to using erbium lasers in that it results in minimal burning. There are also fewer side effects such as swelling, redness and bruising.

There are several benefits to undergoing laser skin treatment in Dubai. The beauty and youthfulness of your skin will be restored and the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, can scars, blotchy patches and birthmarks will be diminished. The overall texture of the skin will also improve with laser skin resurfacing. The procedure can be used to remove moles and warts and even treat skin cancer during the initial stages. It is an effective and safe method of revising facial scars from mild to moderate which may have resulted in injury or previous surgery.

Results and recovery depend on the type of treatment used by the patient. Generally, it may take several weeks. If it is an invasive procedure the recovery time may take longer. However, for gentle laser treatment the recovery time is much less. In both instance, patients will begin to see results after several weeks post surgery.