Can anyone get veneers treatment?

Can anyone get veneers treatment?

Dental clinics in Jumeirah attend to many patients over the day. Top dentists in Dubai serving at any international medical clinic in Dubai have more than once met with patients who need a cosmetic procedure carried out to perfect their teeth.

But the question stands if the treatment of veneers in Dubai can be carried out for all? Dental veneers are a dental procedure that has helped many patients who have walked through the doors of many dental clinics. It can help bring back the confidence and help patients win back the million dollar smile that they have lost due to a trauma or bad dental care.

These dental veneers are very thin shells which are made out of porcelain material or composite material. These are custom made for each patient to fit the tooth and shade of the existing teeth in the patients jaw. These will then be fixed on to the tooth. This will help patients to hide various dental conditions including discolored teeth, gaps between the teeth, stained teeth, crooked teeth, rough front teeth, proportionately small or large teeth, chipped teeth, etc. With this dental treatment anyone can walk away with confidence with a sparkling new smile within a short period of time.

As mentioned these veneers can be used to fix issues related to the teeth shape, position or color. The selection of the shade for the veneer will be done to match the shade of the existing teeth, especially if veneers are only being used to on one or two teeth. With these veneers a patient can either cover the front sections of the teeth or replace a broken part a tooth and make any chipped tooth seem whole again.

This is a preferred treatment method recommended by many dentists as it will give a more natural and healthy look to the teeth. The existing teeth don’t require much preparation and the veneers are held in place by using a special strong bond intend for the use of dental procedures.

Most of the time anesthetics are not required and only made available to help patients who are worried about any discomforts. The only step that will be done in preparation would be to remove the enamel surface of the teeth. This will depend on the thickness of the veneer and will also help towards fixing the veneers permanently and to ensure that the teeth will remain the same size after fixing the veneers.