Dazzling Dental Jewellery in Dubai

Dazzling Dental Jewellery in Dubai

A great smile can make you glow and lights up a room when you enter making you look attractive. A set of perfect white teeth makes your smile even more beautiful and confident. But if this is not enough and you’re looking for yet another way to make your smile even more stylish in Dubai you might want to consider getting it “blinged” with tooth jewellery for that ultimate Hollywood smile in Dubai.

Tooth jewellery is an accessory which is placed on the front part of your tooth to decorate it and make it look great. This style craze lets you express your individuality through your smile using diamonds or any other stones to make it look more unique and fashionable. There are many different jewellery designs that can be used, you can take your pick depending on your mood and what you want to express with your smile. A stunning tooth jewel can highlight your presence in the crowd when you smile.

Tooth jewellery comes in two different types, dental gems and twinkles. Dental Gems are different colors of glass crystals that can be attached to the tooth and includes some interesting gems like sapphire, ruby, emerald, emerald green, pink, aquamarine, rainbow, and diamond. Twinkles are made of white gold or 24-carat gold. You can choose several designs for twinkles to make your smile more elegant and fabulous.

If you have healthy teeth to which the jewel should be attached to, then you are a suitable candidate for the treatment.

However, prior to the application of dental jewellery you should first meet with your Dentist in Dubai to decide on the style of dental jewellery that will be attached and the condition of the tooth. If the tooth you select is too damaged, then the dentist can suggest a healthy tooth to attach your decoration. Patients who meet with the dentists at the Montreal International Clinic Dubai often go with the recommendation made by the dentist concerning the tooth and type of jewellery that best compliments your look and make your smile perfect.

The application of dental jewel is completely painless and does not require any anesthesia. The dental jewel is placed on the tooth with an adhesive substance, similar to what is used to fix retainers. This accessory will not damage your tooth or the enamel and can stay attached for as long as you want. It can also be easily be taken off by a dentist when you wish to have it removed.

The dentist will provide you with a set of instructions concerning the care of dental jewels and good oral hygiene so that your tooth jewel stays longer and does not discolor.