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Dental Care & Habits

Every now and then we all tend to indulge in habits without thinking about Dental Care or considering the consequences that they may have on our health. Teeth in particular can be un-cared for, even though they lie at the access point of our body and directly come into contact with everything we intake.
To keep Dental Care healthy, we not only have to make a conscious effort to keep our mouth clean. But also have to make sure that they are not exposed to any sort of damaging chemicals and external forces. That may weaken them over time or tarnish their appearance.

Nail Biting and Chewing on Pencils

Many people tend to chew or nibble on things when they are nervous or stressed. One would think that chewing on a simple pencil could do no harm. But surprisingly this is not true.
Chewing on pencils can damage the structure of your teeth causing them to become disfigured. Similarly nail biting can also cause your teeth to be chipped-off. This is because when a person bites their nails, excess pressure is applied on the jaw which may even lead to jaw dysfunction and other physiological problems.
So the next time you mindlessly start chewing your pencil, grab a stick of gum instead. It’ll keep your mouth busy and your teeth safe with Dental Care.

Playing Sports with No Mouth Guard

If you play fierce sports like football, wrestling or hockey – Where things often tend to heat up – Then using a mouth guard is absolutely essential for you!
A mouth guard is made of plastic and is placed over the teeth in the upper jaw. It can be custom made or be purchased from any general store.
If players don’t use a mouth guard then they are at a potential risk of having their teeth cracked, chipped off or even punched out of their mouths. This can be incredibly painful, and can completely disrupt your dental framework and cause long term damage.

Cough Syrups and Drops

Cough drops can be very soothing when you have an aching throat. But just because they come under the ‘medicine’ category does not mean they cannot have any adverse effects on your body.
Most people don’t realize that when they are encouraged to expel all traces of sugar from their mouth, medicinal syrups (which are usually very sweet) also count!
After consuming them you should make sure to thoroughly brush and clean your mouth – To remove any traces of sugar. That will otherwise react with the bacteria present in the mouth and cause cavities.

Sodas and Sports Drink

Yes, we all love sodas and fizzy drinks. And by now most of us have developed a somewhat addiction to them. So it’s hard to give them up completely.
But by keeping care of when you consume them and how you can reverse the damage they cause can make a huge difference on your dental health.
Fizzy drinks, along with having high sugar content are also acidic in nature. This is a deadly combination and can greatly damage the structure of your teeth; causing cavities and weakening them internally.
The best way to keep your teeth clean and healthy is to follow daily dental habits that your Best Dentist in Dubai prescribes and by not putting them through any sort of external pressure. That can cause them to wear down like brushing too vigorously or using them as tools to open ketchup bottles.
If your follow these two tips than even if you eat something sugary and acidic once your brush, floss and ideally use mouthwash, minimal or no damage will occur.