Dental Emergencies – Be Prepared

Dental Emergencies:

The most crucial part of an emergency is its unpredictability. Everything can be perfectly calm at one moment and chaotic in the next, and you are expected to respond to the problem at hand within seconds. To tackle an emergency in the best way possible everyone should be well prepared and have awareness as to what they should do in those precious minutes.
Some dental emergencies, that can occur in any households and at any time are as follows:

Losing a Tooth

If your tooth comes out of your mouth due to an accident or an injury then keep it tightly griped within your hands to prevent it from getting lost. Next you have to make sure that you keep the tooth moist. You yourself will probably be in pain and will be bleeding from the site of the tooth, so don’t try to reattach it into your mouth. This will only cause more pain.
Ideally place the tooth into a glass of milk, and if that’s not available then place the tooth between your gums and your check. You have to assure that it gets the least amount of exposure to the external environment. Now rush to your Best Dentist in Dubai as soon as possible.

Cracked Tooth

Some people tend to overestimate the strength of their teeth and when biting or chewing on something hard they may actually crack their tooth, causing some pieces of it to break off. In this case the first thing you should do is collect the pieces that have chipped off. Rinse your mouth with warm water and clean the chipped off piece as well.
Apply an ice pack on the side of your cheek to ease any pain and to prevent swelling. Now visit your dentist as soon as possible with the fragments of your tooth.

Broken Braces and Wires

If your braces break while you are still wearing them then the sharp metal wires will come free and stab your gums and cheeks, which may even causing bleeding. This will be painful but instead of panicking, calmly use a pencil that has an eraser on its back. Now use the eraser to shift the wires in a more comfortable position or in a position where you can keep the wires down with your tongue, while you make the journey to your orthodontist.
Absolutely NEVER attempt to cut the wires while they’re still in your mouth. This can cause small pieces of the wires to be ingested and you may just injure yourself more in the process.

Injured Cheeks, Gums or Lips

If these areas are injured then they will most likely start to bleed. To control the bleeding firstly rinse your mouth with warm water with a little salt. Now use some gauze and apply pressure to the concerned area. Once the bleeding is in control use an ice pack over the cheeks or lips. The ice will assure that no swelling occurs as a result of the injury.
It’s important for patients to deal with dental emergencies correctly otherwise they could in effect do much more damage than good. The most important thing is to keep calm, utilize the resources at hand and immediately visit a dentist.