Dental Hygiene In Dubai: Simply A Must!

What You Need To Know About Dental Hygiene

Have you always wondered as to if your dental care daily routine is sufficient? If you do everything right, like brushing, flossing and using mouthwash? If you visit your dentist on time, at least twice a year for a complete clean up? How about if you have any fillings that need to be done or any implants? Or even if you have chosen the right clinic that fulfills all your dental care needs to the best standard now here in Dubai?

Our team of dentists at Montreal International Clinic stands above other dentists in Dubai as they are exceptionally skilled in all areas of dentistry ranging from aesthetic dentistry to general dentistry to preventive dentistry, the list is simply exhaustive! Our services are further elaborated on our site with case photos too which will allow you to see our successfully treated patients. The procedure to establish the treatment needed will be assessed when you go through our initial tests to also determine your level of oral health, and this initial stage is quite beneficial to you as it will help you to identify the other hidden problematic areas in your teeth (if any), which haven’t come to your notice yet. We always recommend initial testing even if you are here for routine tooth cleanings or periodontics examinations, and our team of experts will advice you on the process and the treatment needed to cure you completely, and also go over the details of the after effects, if any, and the steps to protect your teeth until they fully heal.

The cost of the treatment will also be discussed with you, and our services are reasonably priced and on reading our testimonies it will be clear that your investment with us will be worth your money because our state of the art facilities and highest standards of dental care will not let you down!

We are fully equipped with the most modern technology that we even offer services which are trendy and still new in the world of dentistry here in Dubai, such as Snap-On-Smile which is also known as the Hollywood smile. It starts with our dentists taking a sample or impression of your teeth while allowing you to choose the colors and shape of teeth that you prefer. We don’t make decisions which you will be uncomfortable with and always make sure that we get your opinion too, while we advice you as to which treatment and processes will best suit your needs. This procedure takes around two weeks as the lab work needs time to process the new teeth, which will then be ready for insertion and their results are lifelong. This procedure mainly helps those with stained or discolored and misshaped teeth to get the smile they’ve always dreamed of. Our advanced equipment will ensure that you receive the best care while you consult us.

Lastly, do check our websites for reviews from our clients as this will show you just how much our services are valued. “I am extremely happy with the care and service provided by the Montreal international clinic and the cleanliness in the clinic is well maintained” said Hamza Noor, reviewing our clinic.