Best Dental Implants in Dubai

Best Dental Implants Dubai

There are many reasons that a person opt for dental implants in Dubai, such as tooth loss due to cavities, poor oral hygiene resulting in gum and periodontal disease, bite problems, infection, fractured dental roots and accidents that affect the teeth or its structure. Once a tooth is extracted, the bone mass around those teeth are no longer active and crumble, resulting in teeth shifting and changes to the esthetics of a person’s appearance. Therefore, since tooth loss can do all this damage, the ideal solution is to get a dental implant to replace the missing tooth and start smiling with confidence.

Dental implants as the best alternative to natural teeth. It is a simple replacement for the root or roots of a tooth. Dental implants are made up of small prosthetic titanium that is placed in the jaw bone.  It is not visible once it’s surgically placed and look like just another tooth. Once the dental implant is in place after some months, the jawbone grows around the implant to help secure it firmly. Thereafter, additional procedures such as crowns, bridges and dentures may be needed to complete the process and the look of the tooth. These treatment options are offered at most Dental Clinics in Jumeirah and it’s ideal for anyone who has missing teeth or may require tooth replacement in the future.

A patient  can not only get their confidence and smile back, they can also eat comfortably, and have overall good dental hygiene with dental implants because one can’t tell the difference between natural teeth and dental implants. Dental implants feel and perform the same functions as natural teeth. No one other than your dentist in Dubai will be able to spot the difference.

The dental material used to construct dental implants are durable and long lasting, resulting in your dental implants lasting for many years. Like with all other procedures and dental work, once must maintain a good oral care regime that includes brushing and flossing daily and regular dental visits and check ups are required as special tools are used to clean dental implants that does not damage the metal surface beneath the gum tissue. The International Medical Clinic Dubai’s dental team will also check if the bone around the implant is stable that the additional procedures that are performed on the tooth like crowns, bridges and dentures are also blending and settling well with your teeth.
Therefore, there no doubt that dental implants are the best and lasting solution for your missing teeth. They can give you plenty of reasons to smile.