Dental Veneers Basic

What are they?

  • They simply are porcelain shell casings that are made to be placed over your teeth in order to cover any imperfections including chipped or broken teeth, stained teeth which require a service which will lighten teeth more permanently, or if you want to have perfectly aligned or shaped teeth without going through the lengthy procedure of getting clear aligners for longer periods of time.

Why are they the best option?

  • Not only are they quite convenient but they’re also permanent. Thus once you’ve completed the procedure you don’t have to worry about the previous conditions you faced. You will only have to abide by the rules set out for you by your dentist to ensure that the results will be maximized in its effectiveness. For example if you had the treatment done to prevent your teeth from becoming stained , you’re likely to be advice to stay away from smoking and drinking caffeinated drinks as these are likely to stain your teeth easily, with regular use.

How accessible are they?

  • Dental veneers in Dubai have grown to be exceedingly popular due to the number of conditions it could combat without putting you through an invasive and painful procedure. Since these casings are simply placed over your teeth without having to remove or tooth or without any need for even any anesthesia even the most nervous patient will feel completely at peace throughout the surgery.


  • After going in for an initial consultation your dentist will look into hour dental issues and decide as to if this is the perfect procedure for you and if you have any other cosmetic procedures or dental procedures performed on your teeth prior to this consultation, your dentist will assess the matter and decide as to if this procedure is safe for you and see whether you will face any complications if you get veneers implanted.


  • If you wish to get teeth lightening procedures done even after this procedure, your dentist is will ensure that he does so in a manner that the casings will blend in perfectly with your newly lightened teeth so that it doesn’t become obvious. Dentists are also able to make these casings in lighter shades according to your preference.

How long does the procedure take?

  • If you’re someone whose constantly busy and simply can’t find the time to go to the dentist a couple of days within a week, this procedure is ideal for you as you could even opt for non-prep veneers where your dentist is able to perform the entire treatment within a day.