Dental Veneers VS. Alternative Treatment. Which Is More Effective?

You may wonder if dental veneers are the right treatment for you, in the effect that there are other alternatives to dental irregularities. With numerous cosmetic dental treatments around it is helpful to compare the benefits. Teeth whitening and bonding, for instance, can provide dental solutions but each has a varying effect.

Dental bonding VS dental veneers

Dental bonding is very similar to dental veneers in Dubai, for instance, bonding helps fix stains, gaps, erosion and chipped teeth. This is accomplished by hiding the tooth or altering the shape of the tooth by using composite resin. Bonding unlike veneers cannot address a bigger problem than fixing certain dental imperfections. Dental veneers are more effective and can address the larger more prominent problems. It is also more durable and aesthetically superior to dental bonding.

Veneers VS. teeth whitening

If you have discoloured teeth, teeth whitening is the ideal dental solution. Teeth whitening is intended for stains caused on the surface as a result of certain foods, drink and even use of tobacco. Teeth whitening cannot remove the deeper and darker stains. For patients with stubborn stains and who prefer a more permanent way to achieve brighter and whiter teeth, porcelain veneers are the more effective and permanent solution.

Dental veneers are known to produce a beautiful smile. And most patients are good candidates for this procedure. Dental veneers in Dubai are effective because they mask blemishes effectively without harming or replacing the tooth itself. It may be necessary for you to maintain healthy teeth, whatever the irregularities may be, before deciding to opt for veneers. If you have advanced gum disease or decay present it is unlikely dental veneers can make much of a difference.

Dental veneers treatment is minimally invasive and a painless procedure. Many people worry about going to the dentist, but with veneers there is nothing to feel anxious about. It can be done in two appointments at your dentist in Dubai, and you will gain a stunning smile in the process.

Choosing dental veneers will return the beauty of your smile and help you regain your lost confidence. Many people become self conscious and embarrassed by gapped and chipped teeth. Veneers are long lasting and if you practice good oral hygiene at home you can expect veneers to last for the next two decades. Don’t forget to visit your dental clinic for regular checkups and professional cleaning twice a year.




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