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September is National Childhood Injury Prevention Month, and Dentists in UAE want you to be extra careful about your teeth especially children. September marks the start of all sports activities for the fall, which means there is an increase in accidents and injuries to the mouth. Therefore, with all these significant events held in September, it is a good time to create some awareness about the impact it has on oral health.

Injuries and accidents can occur at any age, however, it’s commonly seen in children and youngsters. Where even a simple fall in your local playground in Dubai  can cause a broken or chipped tooth, worse yet some may even stand a chance of losing their teeth and require an emergency visit to dental Clinics in Jumeirah.

Therefore, as responsible parents it is important to protect your child’s teeth in addition to other parts of the body as well. Here are some useful tips to help prevent mouth and dental injuries, especially in youngsters.

  • Make sure to wear a face guard, mouth guard, and helmet as appropriate according to the type of sport that is played. Contact sports, such as rugby, hockey  and soccer require this sort of protective  gear, so insist that it should be worn.
  • Make sure the child does not run with objects in the mouth, especially small children who like to stick anything in their mouths. Make sure to remove all items from the mouth when the children are engaged in a physical activity such as sports.
  • Avoid eating foods that are hard, chewy, crunchy, or sticky while playing sports.
  • If your child wears braces make sure they don’t pick or pull on the braces.
  • If the child has protruding teeth have a dentist in Dubai have a look at it, before commencing any form of sports.
  • Regular dental checkups at your local dental clinic in Dubai will keep the child’s teeth clean, healthy and strong and limit the risk of injuries.

However, despite the precautions and warnings from parents, some children still do not wear mouth guards and facial protection gear during sports.

In case the child does suffer an injury in spite of the warnings and negligence to wear protective gear, contact your local  dentist at the International Medical Clinic in Dubai so that swift action could be taken to deal with an accident or injury and save the broken, chipped or missing tooth.