Hair Free, Pain Free with Laser Hair Removal!

Unwanted hair in the body can be a big problem which can be a hindrance in your daily life, especially for women.

Sudden outings can be a problem for you if you have unwanted hair and do not have enough time to remove it. You cannot wear a pair of shorts to a suddenly planned beach outing or picnic; you cannot go for a party all dressed up in a short, sleeveless sexy dress because you are worried about your hairy arms and legs. Some women suffer from unwanted facial hair in the chin, upper lip and even cheeks. For these women life can become a hairy nightmare!

Whatever place that you have unwanted hair in, you can now be hair free with laser hair removal.

What is Laser Hair removal?

There are several options for hair removal like waxing, shaving, electrolysis and hair dissolving creams which are available in the supermarket. Unlike these methods laser hair removal is simple, quick, convenient, mess free and most importantly helps to permanently reduce hair growth with successive treatments.

Laser Hair removal is a non-invasive technique, where a highly concentrated light is used to penetrate the hair follicles. The intense heat from the light damages the hair follicle to reduce hair growth in future.Laser hair removal can be used to remove hair effectively from almost all areas of the body.
Laser hair removal is not a new invention. It has been used experimentally for twenty years after which it has been made commercially available in the mid-1990s.Laser hair removal in Dubai is the latest hair removal method which keeps growing in its popularity for it success as a permanent hair reduction mechanism especially among women and even some men.

Laser hair removal in Dubai is widely practiced in most of the clinics. Unlike other hair removal methods laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure and must be performed by a trained person like a medical professional, or especially trained and licensed provider.
Our team of plastic surgeons and trained and licensed laser treatment providers are experts in laser hair removal and are popular for safe and successful laser hair removal in Dubai.

Is Laser Hair Removal Right for me?

Laser Hair removal is not suitable for all.
Laser hair removal works through a process called photothermolysis which targets dark matter and in this case melanin. Melanin gives the hair and skin it’s colour.  There are two types of melanin in hair, eumelanin which makes the hair brown or black and pheomelanin which makes the hair blonde or red.  Laser hair removal is successful with dark coarse hair.

Therefore to be an ideal candidate for laser hair removal, light skin and dark hair is the ideal combination which has proven to be the most effective and successful. New laser hair removal methods are now available to help remove black hair for people with dark skin to some extent.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal in Dubai

You can now be hair free with the help of our experts in Laser hair removal in Dubai. Along with our trained and licensed team, highly advanced latest technology is available to ensure the treatment is safe and successful.

Even though laser hair removal is costly, in the long run it can save money, time and pain.

No more worries of scraggly hair sticking out to embarrass you. You can now show off your smooth silky hair free skin and head out confidently in your favorite clothes and enjoy.