History of Laser Hair Removal Dubai

Laser Hair Removal Clinic – Jumeirah Dubai


Many clinics in Jumeirah offer Laser Treatment in Dubai for beauty and health conditions. This has been particularly useful to the never ending battle that women face in removing body hair as laser hair removal in Dubai is proved to provide permanent hair removal from specific body parts as requested by individuals.

This is not a new technique introduced by the international medical clinic in Dubai. Laser hair removal has a surprisingly long history. The laser was found to be invented in 1960 around the month of May. By mid 1960s it was already being used in research context to remove unwanted hair. With more than 50 years of research and using the laser beams to burn out hair, laser hair removal was approved by the FDA by 1997.

The first most laser hair removal equipment’s were inefficient and slow. It could only be used on people with light skin and dark hair. If people with dark skin tend to use these ruby based lasers with the short wave length they would heat up both the skin and the hair follicle resulting in serious burns.

These early equipment’s were also designed only to target a few hair follicles at a time. This made it more time consuming and more limited. To add to these complications this ruby based systems also occasionally happened to change the colour of the skin treated to either a darker or lighter shade depending on the individuals skin.
By mid 1970s the alexandrite laser solved many of these complications. It was much safer but had one drawback. As it was noted that it under heated the hair follicles, the treatment had to be repeated for many years before the hair would actually stop re-growing.

In the following years the pulsed diode array of lasers was developed. This allowed for longer pulse duration and longer wavelengths. It was even a viable solution for dark skin individuals but still carried risks for dark skin individuals.

The latest development is the YAG laser which is a long pulse laser. It is used in conjunction with RF energy and also known as an eLaser. The combined use of the RF energy and laser makes this a suitable system for individuals with darker skin shades.