How long do dental implants last?

Dental Implants Procedure – If you’ve suffered from tooth loss, you will need tooth replacement. Fortunately, you have a few options to consider including dentures, bridges and dental implants. Out of Dental Implants Procedure options the most comfortable, aesthetically appealing and convenient of them are dental implants.

Why are dental implants a better alternative?
Dental implants in Dubai are the best restorative solution for tooth loss in patients. You are provided with a lifelike, natural tooth. It is a Titanium root that acts as the root to fuse with your jawbone post procedure. Then there’s the quality of the implant you need to think about. Your dentist in Dubai will offer a functional tooth replacement option that will be as close to your natural and original teeth in its overall appearance. Your tooth replacement will also save you from looking older than your age. Your facial features will smoother and your skin will appear taut and wrinkle free.

Now getting onto the most important question; how long do these implants last? This depends on a variety of factors & Dental Implants Procedure.

Adequate jawbone
You should have adequate jawbone in place to get a dental implant fixed to your teeth. Proper support is necessary for an implant to last for a long time. Your jaw needs to support the implant and if you have suffered considerable bone loss, your dentist will evaluate your condition before determining the sustainability of tooth implants. In case there is no proper support for the implant, patients must consider bone regeneration.

No proper placement
If the implant is not placed properly during the procedure it can lead to implant failure. You need a highly qualified dentist with experience and expertise to place the implant. A dentist in Dubai will ensure your implant is placed with proper care and longevity in mind.

Gum disease and other conditions
Gum disease and tooth decay contribute considerably to tooth loss. If you haven’t practiced proper oral hygiene at home, you should certainly practice it after implant surgery.

Wear and tear
Avoid placing wear and tear on the dental implant. Grinding or clenching, for instance, can place undue stress on the tooth implant once again causing the implant to fail. Your dentist in Dubai will assess your dental history to determine if you are prone to any of these dental conditions and will treat you accordingly, and before implant surgery is performed.

You may need to make certain changes to your lifestyle post procedure. Various factors including smoking or even diabetes can shorten the length of time an implant will last. It is up to you to make these minor changes if you want your implant to last for the next several years. In fact, statistically speaking, dental implants can last up to a decade with proper oral care at home and regular visits to the dentist. Statistics indicate dental implants last up to 10 years in at least 95% of patients.

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