Laser Hair Removal in Dubai

Laser Hair Removal in Dubai

Hair growing all over body has become a brainteaser for many individuals young or old, regardless of the gender. Excessive body hair growth may be a genetic condition or maybe due to medications, hormonal indifferences, malnutrition and metabolic problems. Whatever the reason being, it has been a practice among both genders to remove troublesome hair. For a long period of time, the only options available for hair removal were shaving and waxing and it was temporary with irregular success rates.  On that note, introduction of laser hair removal in Dubai is the advocate for all males and females suffering with distress about hair removal. Montreal International Clinic in Dubai is one of the best clinics in Dubai that is home to a cutting edge dermatology unit which offers laser hair removal service.
Laser hair removal is a very satisfactory method of hair removal in which an intensely concentrated beam of light energy that damages the hair follicle by aiming the melanin within the follicle. It is a technique which can be used to remove hair in any part of the body permanently. However, Here are few important points to remember before you walk into Montreal International Clinic in Dubai to experience a top class treatment of laser hair removal in Dubai.

  • Determine your skin type!

It is important that you assess and discover your skin type before you go for a treatment of laser hair removal in Dubai. It is essential that your skin type is determined before you select a laser treatment procedure because all lasers do not work well on all skin types. Accordingly, laser responds to pigment resulting laser hair removal not to work well on red, grey, white or light-coloured hair. The laser works extremely well on averagely light skin with dark hair. Moreover, it is best to avoid laser hair removal treatment if you have dark or tan skin because it causes skin irritation. Consult a dermatologist in Dubai in order to help you with discovering your skin type.

  • Make up your mind for a long-term commitment!

According to popular dermatologists in Dubai, a laser hair removal treatment takes approximately about one year to be completed. Treatments are spread out for nearly a year because hair growth takes place in varied cycles and rates. Furthermore, the laser hair removal treatment is conducted in 3-8 sessions and these sessions should be done in 4-8 weeks apart. Thus, before you start the treatment process it is essential to develop your patience for a long term commitment and maintenance procedures.

  • Smile because it is not very painful!

Many dermatologists in Dubai claim that the treatment of laser hair removal is less painful than waxing or any other form of hair removal. The pain is described to be similar to threading as a rubber band snapping on your skin. The painful sensation is eased by the cool tip of the laser. In addition, think about the benefits of laser hair removal that outweigh the slight pain! However, males seem to find laser hair removal treatment painful than females. Don’t worry; visit Montreal International Clinic in Dubai for an excellent treatment of laser hair removal in Dubai.

  • It is not absolutely permanent!

Do not expect your hair to be completely gone if you have a very high rate of hair growth! Laser hair removal in Dubai guarantees a 70 percent of permanent hair reduction after treatment. Yet it does not guarantee that you will never see your hair again. It simply assures that there will be less hair than from any other technique. Experienced dermatologists in Dubai believe that it is impossible to destroy or damage every follicle. Therefore, visit Montreal International Clinic in Dubai to enjoy a long term hair removal solution like laser hair removal treatment.

Last but not least, take pleasure in a wonderful experience of laser hair removal in Dubai, if you can go with all the above points.