Maintain a beautiful smile with veneers treatment in Dubai

Beautiful Smile With Veneer

Most people have a mental picture in their head of what a smile should look like. Unfortunately, this mental picture rarely matches with the reality of a person’s own smile. That is why so many patients turn to porcelain Veneers treatment in Dubai. Porcelain veneers can instantly improve the look, color, size, and shape of the teeth to create that beautiful and perfect smile.

Dental restorations with veneers resemble the natural teeth, maybe even an improved version of them as they are fabricated from strong porcelain composite and are extremely durable. However, even with proper care, porcelain veneers will not outlive you as the material they are made of will deteriorate with time. For patients, who have porcelain veneers have been prematurely damaged or have simply reached their lifespan, we offer our patient’s porcelain Veneers in Dubai replaced so that they can maintain their beautiful smiles.

In order to accommodate porcelain veneers and create a Hollywood Smile Dubai and have the most natural appearance possible, a small amount of tooth enamel is removed during porcelain veneers treatment. This permanent alteration to the dental structure can make the teeth weak and sensitive without the veneers in place. This means that if the porcelain veneers become weak or damaged, they do need to be replaced in order to keep the natural teeth protected. It is vital to replace the veneers to maintain the strength of the teeth and many patients with veneers that need replacing are happy to undergo replacement treatment because they will do anything to have and maintain the smile of their dreams, to which they have grown accustomed to and can’t live without.

The porcelain veneers replacement treatment is very similar to the initial placement of porcelain veneers. The obvious difference is that the current veneers will need to be removed before treatment can begin. Our dentists will carefully remove the porcelain veneers and the bonding material that was used to adhere the veneers. Because the teeth have already been altered to accommodate the initial set of veneers, there should be no need to remove further tooth enamel. With the veneers removed, impressions will be made of the teeth and a new set of veneers will be fabricated. Just as during the initial treatment, veneers will be customized to the color, size, and shape that is most complimentary to the patient’s mouth and facial features. If there were any concerns regarding the fit or appearance of the prior veneers, these can be addressed in order to ensure that the new porcelain veneers meet the patient’s needs and desires.

Once the replacement veneers are complete, they will be bonded to the teeth. Despite the teeth have been previously prepped for porcelain veneers treatment, the teeth may be roughed up slightly to promote proper bonding. After testing the fit, the new set of veneers will be bonded to the patient’s teeth and treatment will be completed by the Dentists in UAE.

Porcelain veneers
give patients the benefit of having an instant makeover to their smile, that is marked with cosmetic blemishes or spacing and alignment issues.