What you need to know about dental implants

Top Dentist in Dubai – Jumeirah Dubai

Top Dentist in Dubai who works at international medical clinic in Dubai carries out a range of services to meet the requirements of their patients. From simple dental checkups, cleanings, to treatments for cavities and advanced oral surgeries they strive to carry out all tasks to the satisfaction of the patient.

Dental implants in Dubai are a dental service growing in demand. Clinics in Jumeirah have the experts in this field, who have gone a step forward to provide this service in a short period of time, reducing the requirements for multiple visits.

Dental implants are the art of using artificial replacements in place of the natural teeth and roots. Multiple teeth implants in Dubai can be done at the same time. These implants were introduced as an alternative solution for bridges and full dentures. Implants are able to work like a tooth itself and provide more stability and comfort than dentures. Implants also help the improve the ability to chew food properly and also improve facial appearance and speech in some.

Implants can give than million dollar Hollywood smile in Dubai to many, but the question still stands about what is an implant. Implants are man made anchors which appear like a cylinder or screw. These can be used in both the lower and upper jaws. These implants will be inserted in the jawbone surgically. This becomes the stable base for the replacement teeth.

The implants function as the root of the tooth. These do not need to be removed for cleaning and requires no adhesive to keep in place. The actual placement of the implant is a three step process done in a dental office. As the first step the dental team carries out a surgical procedure to place the implant in the jaw bones. These will be kept covered for three to six months allowing time for the bones to develop around it and hold it in place. Once this is done the dentist next works on attaching an extension to this implant. Few more months may be required for the gum to heal around it.

Once the dentist is confirmed that it has set in and healed properly he will use the implant as the foundation to place the new tooth. Implants have a high success rate, any failures are related to poor oral hygiene by the patient.

As long as the patients follow the dentist instructions carefully dental implants are permanent solutions for many.