What you need to know about Laser Treatment in Dubai

Laser Treatment in Dubai

Every day there are so many good promotions and deals for Laser Treatment in Dubai. Despite many of the advertisements peoples should exercise caution when choosing the best deal offered, based on the reputation of the institution as many do offer suspiciously low cost deals, that can leave you baffled. Here is a look at some of the professional standards that need to be met for  Laser Hair Removal in Dubai and what every patient should know about the procedure,

  • Laser hair removal requires a series of treatments, it cannot be treated in just one session. Every patient is different and there is a range in the number of treatments that is required as it is likely that patients will need to return for touch ups as well.
  • Check and choose a qualified Dermatologist in Dubai. Make sure that the doctor is available all the time, especially in case of an emergency. An experienced doctor needs to review the patient’s medication, history of various disorders to make sure that there are no complications and the patient has a successful and healthy treatment.
  • Be cautious as most beauty parlors and spas only has a doctor who only administers the treatment and may not review the health history of the patients, resulting in disastrous consequences.
  • Depending on the color of your hair and skin the doctor should be able to tell you if the laser hair removal treatment would be successful or not.
  • Hygiene and environment – The place and the instruments used to perform the procedure should be hygienic and be in a pleasant environment. Hospital grade wipes should be in the treatment area and should be used to wipe everything down. If you are not happy with the hygienic condition then immediately walk away.
  • The assistance should use an ice pack over the area before the treatment begins, to cool down the area. This will make the patient more comfortable during the treatment and desensitizes the area as it reduces the pain.
  • Laser intensity – Some clinics will reduce the energy of the laser, which make the treatment a little less painful, but this would mean that the patient need to come in for the treatment more often. Therefore, using a professional to administer the treatment is far better than randomly using an online offer or a coupon.
  • Pre treatment consultation – The Cosmetic Dermatology in Dubai should discuss the procedure with the patients. The patient should discuss all important questions and queries with the doctor and if it’s satisfactory, then go ahead with the procedure. Remember, they should also discuss the patient’s medical history as certain medications  conflict with light based treatments.

Despite laser hair removal treatment being safe and relatively pain free, it’s always a good idea to choose a reputed doctor to perform the treatment as opposed to some of the cheaper treatment options offered by  a myriad of online coupons and special offer. These cheap and low cost treatment can go terrible wrong if it’s performed by an inexperienced doctor, so be careful!.