Rhinoplasty Surgery in Dubai

A Long Term Solution for a Flat Nose

Rhinoplasty or nose reconstruction surgery means modifications in micro millimeters, but it can dramatically change the exterior of your face. If you are unhappy with your nose because it is too large, too small, flat or misshapen because of an accident or by birth inheritance, rhinoplasty can modify your look in a way that creates balance to make your face look more appealing.

Nose surgery can not only improve the function of your nose, but surgically correct flaws you were left satisfied with. Many patients who are unhappy with the look of their nose are surprised to find that they also have a nose that does not functioning properly. Montreal International Clinic specializes in rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai and screen many individuals with services relating to rhinoplasty. Our skilled Rhinoplastysurgeons in Dubai will do simple tests to find out if your nose is functioning as it should be, and make recommendations to improve the function as well as the outline of your nose.

Rhinoplasty for a flat nose is the surgery that enhances the tip or the bridge of the nose using autologous or biocompatible materials that makes up the majority of rhinoplasty surgeries performed in Dubai. Many individuals tend to have a flat nose, resulting in a broader face that looks flat and dull. For a slimmer look, heightening the nose is an option we provide, and it indeed changes one’s impression on your new look. Rhinoplasty of a flat nose is not just heightening the nose; we also consider one’s face structure to determine the correct height.

Surgical Methods used for Rhinoplasty Surgery in Dubai

As experienced in profession of plastic surgery our surgeons are certified to perform rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai. The procedure begins with surgical incisions are made inside nostril so that a scar is not visible to the naked eye. After the incision is made, a space should be created under the periosteum (it is a thin and tough curtain surrounding bones) of the nasal bone in order to possess the implant.

After the implant height and shape is curved and customized to the patient, it is then inserted into the space. If the tip or the rounded sides of the nose need to be altered, there can be additional surgeries done on request.

In some cases during the procedure, an incision is created on the columella nasi, and the structure of the nose is completely exposed while the rectification of the cartilage and bone is appropriately operated on request of the patient.

Suitability: who can get the procedure done?

Usually there is no restriction in getting rhinoplasty done, however patients with a history of severe sinusitis, a blocked nose with viral or bacterial infections should be cautionary and make a final decision after a medical checkup.

Rhinoplasty is a nose heightening surgery through the strengthening of the nose and the amount of strengthening is simply the gap between the original height of the nose and the desired height of the nose. However, the skin of the nose cannot be stretched further, and if the nose is excessively heightened, the skin may become thinner. Thus, the procedure should be performed within the limits of what the nose can handle.

Patients who have undergone Rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai or receiving treatment could have bleeding, inflammation of the nasal passage and infection connected by complications, based on the physical characteristics each patient has. We recommend all or patients to be extreamly cautious, and watch out for any such symptoms after Rhinoplasty or treatment.