Rhinoplasty Surgery in Dubai

Nose-Reshaping In Dubai

If you are unhappy with your nose, its shape, size, the nostrils or even the angle between the nose and the mouth, now you can change it with rhinoplasty surgery.

Rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai is a very popular form of plastic surgery that most people undergo. It is a cosmetic (aesthetic) procedure of plastic surgery which helps to alter a person’s nose.

Rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai does not only help to alter the size and shape of the nose but it also includes narrowing nostrils width, augmenting the nose, removing humps, changing the angle between the nose and the mouth and it also helps to rectify any birth defects in the nose or any mishap that has occurred due to an accident and also to solve breathing problems caused due to deviated septum.

Rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai is performed by an expert team of surgeons and will help you have a beautiful nose that is balanced and blends well with your features thus enhancing your appearance.


The Procedure of Rhinoplasty Surgery in Dubai

There are two procedures, the closed or open procedure.

The closed procedure is where the surgeon makes the incisions inside the nose, whereas in the open procedure the incisions are made across the columella. Through these incisons the surgeon will then raise the soft tissues that cover the nose. This helps to reshape the structure of the nose.

Cartilage is taken from other areas in the patient’s body usually from the septum which will help to straighten the septum if deviated and sometimes even from the ears or ribs which is then used to reshape or reduce the nasal structure. Ridges inside the nose will also be reduced to help improve breathing. The nasal skin and tissues are reshaped once the underlying structure of the nose is formed and then the incisions are closed. Sometimes even a cast or splint is also used.

Depending on the procedure used, it is performed either under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. The duration of the surgery will depend on the type of rhinoplasty that is performed and surgery is done as an outpatient treatment.

Rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai is very popular for its success rate, but even then some people are afraid to undergo the surgery due to the fear that the results will not be favorable. The key to a successful nose job is finding a good surgeon and there are well known qualified surgeons for rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai

The Ideal candidate for Rhinoplasty Surgery

Before making a decision to do rhinoplasty surgery a person must discuss with our board certified plastic surgeons and also must have the following requirements;

  • Must be over the age of fifteen
  • Should be in good health physically and emotionally
  • Unhappy and have a low confidence level due to the size or shape of the nose
  • The shape of the nose is altered due to an accident or injury
  • Have breathing problems

What to expect after a Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Recovery after rhinoplasty surgery can take some time.

The patient will experience breathing difficulties during the first 24 hours after surgery due to swelling and also some discomfort for which painkillers will be prescribed. Little bleeding can occur during the first few days during which a cold compress can be applied.

The head must be kept elevated for the first 24 hours after surgery. The cast or splint will be removed after a week.

The results after rhinoplasty surgery are not immediately noticed, it can take almost a year for it to be evident.