Side effects of Teeth Whitening in Dubai

Teeth Whitening in Dubai can make a huge impact and a good first impression on the people you meet in Dubai, whether on holiday or on business.There is no other dental procedure that can do this. Despite having best dental hygiene routine, smoking and drinking black coffee can leave teeth stained, looking grayish and discolored. Therefore, many people have found solace in obtaining a clean and white smile by turning to teeth whitening treatment to improve their quality of life.
Dentists in UAE can complete this non-invasive procedure in just a single visit. Regardless of the many benefits of teeth whitening, people don’t often think about the side effects, even for a moment. In their eyes teeth whitening can do no harm!. However, like many procedures, there are certain side effects, some are temporary and some are long lasting.
Here is a look at some of the side effects of tooth whitening:

  • Temporary side effects – the Montreal International Clinics in Jumeirah often advise patients that these side effects are temporary and will be non-existent within days. These side effects are due the bleaching agent that is used to whiten the teeth.Other side effects include, gum irritation. Gums can become red and irritated when contracted with tooth whitening agents. This subsides in a matter of days.
    Tooth sensitivity is another common side effect of tooth whitening. A patient is likely to react to hot and cold food for a few days. This will wear off after two days. If you suffer from sensitive teeth before the treatment inform your dentists, if you fail to do so, it could lead to serious problems such as nerve damage. Informing your dentist about this condition can protect your dental structure and avoid more serious side effects.
  • Long lasting side effects – While most side effects of teeth whitening treatment is only temporary, regular, constant and excessive bleaching with chemicals that are harsh on the dental enamel can cause long lasting effects on your teeth. Some of the long lasting side effect includes permanent nerve damage in some rare cases.

Despite having shinning, clean white teeth, the agents present in teeth whitening can cause discoloration and even translucence as the enamel wears off. If this is detected early then it can be prevented with treatment such as enamel-strengthening fluoride mouthwash. However, too much damage can result in additional dental solutions such as veneers.
An experienced dentist will make patients aware of the potential side effects of teeth whitening. Even though, they are very rare in many cases. With proper monitoring, teeth whitening treatments can give you the best results.

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