Teeth Whitening In Dubai

Teeth Whitening In Dubai

Teeth whitening in Dubai are one of the quickest ways to make your appearance more youthful and radiant. If your teeth are missing or are poorly aligned, discolored and you basically have unhealthy teeth , this can affect the first impression people have on you. In order to give a good first impression and ‘youth-anize’ your smile to make you look much younger than your age, take advantage of the benefits of tooth whitening and feel the years drop off with your youthful smile.

People opt for teeth whitening at the dental Clinics in Jumeirah to remove the embarrassing stains on their teeth that occur over a period of time due to various factors. Some stains can be removed while others require multiple treatment.

Extrinsic stains are stains that develop on the outer surface of the teeth due to exposure to dark beverage such as coffee, tobacco and certain types of food. To prevent extrinsic stains from discoloring teeth, brushing and periodic dental cleaning is important. However, if the stains do penetrate the dentin due to negligence it can be impossible to treat, even with professional teeth whitening products or the latest dental equipment.

Intrinsic stains form on the interior of teeth and is a direct result of too much exposure to fluoride, minerals, trauma and aging. These types of stains are more complicated to deal with and are also very common. Some of the latest dental technology that is available at the International Medical Clinic Dubai’s dental unit can whiten even the most stubborn intrinsic stains. A patient will require multiple teeth whitening treatments to achieve optimum results.

Depending on the type of tooth staining a patient has, there are several treatment options available. The dentist in Dubai will discuss the best option with the patient, which is usually an in-office whitening treatment as opposed to the professional teeth whitening products that can be used at the convince of your home. In-office teeth whitening treatment is more effective as it can be closely monitored by the dentist.

Professional teeth whitening can be fast and effective, however a consultation with your dentist is important, as prior to the whitening treatment all other dental problems and issue need to be attended to. For instance, if the dentist spots a cavity at the initial consultations, he will first treat the cavity before moving on to teeth whitening in Dubai.

Teeth whitening is one great option to lift your spirits and make you look youthful and have a bright white smile.