The Teeth Whitening Process

Teeth Whitening Process & Teeth Whitening Kit

Stained teeth are visually a very apparent feature and usually do not go unnoticed; making ones overall appearance rather unattractive. Having perfectly shaped teeth is a common thing to admire for but it’s important to understand that your perfect teeth should also have that perfect shade of white to compliment their appearance.

Why do Teeth Become Discolored Over Time?

Teeth discoloration is somewhat a natural process. But this process can be halted by the adoption of suitable preventative measures. Before beginning with the teeth whitening process it is important to firstly understand why teeth are stained and discolored over time.
This majorly has to do with their location and function. Whenever we intake anything it comes directly into contact with our teeth. This is especially true for drinks, as the solvent and all its content completely cover them thus affecting their structure. Food items and drinks with strong hues like coffee, tea, pasta sauce or acidic natures food like vinegar all serve to both damage and discolor teeth.

Prevention – The Adoption of Dental Care Habits

The process of discoloration can be significantly reduced if people adopt simple yet effective precautionary measure which include; keeping track of what you eat, and keeping your mouth clean of bacteria, sugar, pigmented and acidic substances at all times.
Of course you cannot avoid all food items and will continue to have your daily cup of coffee or tea despite the threat it poses to your teeth. So the trick is to eliminate all traces of the food/drink you have just had, by rinsing your mouth with a glass of water. Or ideally brushing and using a mouthwash afterwards.
If you make a conscious effort to keep your teeth healthy and clean then you will definitely start to see the difference.

Teeth Whitening Treatment

For those who are not too great at following precautionary measures or looking after their health can seek the help of teeth whitening methods offered at dental clinics in Dubai. Teeth Whitening serves to enhance the color and shade of teeth and removes all sorts of stains and pigmentation that may be prevalent in them.
Teeth whitening procedures in Dubai are very simple and minimally invasive; ideally patients should have them conducted every 1-2 years so that the brightness and glamour of their smiles doesn’t fade over time. A person can come to a clinic for teeth whitening and be on his way in less than an hour. In-house whitening trays are now also available but involve a less detailed process. In which the results may take time to appear while the more stubborn stains may still remain.
When teeth whitening treatment is done under the supervision of a dentist/hygienist the results are almost immediate and even the most stubborn of stains are removed. A specially formulated whitening agent is spread over the teeth; excluding any of the surrounding areas including the gums. The presence of the dentist assures that the whitening agent is applied correctly and for the right amount tome thus yielding the best results!
Our teeth play a very important part in shaping our smiles so we should all take the necessary measures in enhancing not only their shape and structure but also their color and brightness.You can use Teeth Whitening Kit for Temporary uses and at home.



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